5 Things We Learned from BLACKPINK: The Movie

Here are some highlights from the K-pop superstars' new concert film

BLACKPINK the movie 5 things we learned screening watch
BLACKPINK, photo courtesy of artist

    BLACKPINK is back in your area, this time with BLACKPINK: The Movie, a cinematic event dedicated to exploring the past five years of the quartet’s historic rise to global stardom. In celebration of that five year anniversary, here are five things we learned from Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa’s latest concert film.

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    1. They love live band performances.

    BLACKPINK: The Movie includes behind-the-scenes footage from BLACKPINK’s 2019 world tour, preparation for their 2021 livestream concert The Show, intermittent dance rehearsals, and more. Ahead of The Show, the quartet spent time perfecting their arrangements with The Band Six, the fantastic live instrumentalists responsible for bringing that extra bit of energy to BLACKPINK shows. Jennie in particular is visibly excited, chatting with the members of the backing band between moments tweaking the set.

    2. Those stadium shows are no joke.

    No one would ever think a stadium-sized world tour would be easy, but BLACKPINK: The Movie shows a bit of the mechanics behind the spectacle. Weaving between solo songs and group performances (the movie shows footage from 18 of BLACKPINK’s hits), the members of the group are often taking every moment to catch their breath, execute a costume change, or get from one end of the stage to the other. Rosé describes these moments, especially those right before they step onstage to “meet BLINKs,” as the most nerve-wracking part of a live show.

    3. Everyone might say it, but the love for the fans is real.


    BLACKPINK’s dedicated fanbase, known as BLINK, is a lucky fandom. While many artists like to say they value the people who follow them or listen to their music, the members of BLACKPINK get emotional when discussing the relationship they have with BLINKs — even the historically stoic Jisoo gets tears in her eyes at one point. Despite the massive success the group has already achieved, five years means BLACKPINK as a whole is still fairly young — the sky’s the limit for BLACKPINK and BLINK alike.

    4. So is the team dynamic!

    One of the most fun aspects of BLACKPINK is their seemingly genuine affection for one another. Between the years spent training together and these five years since debuting, the behind-the-scenes footage shows that their closeness is more than surface-level. “We don’t even have to say a word,” Lisa explains of their communication after so much time together. “We just look in each other’s eyes and know.”

    5. We want MORE.

    As fun as it is to revisit the polished concert footage, the best moments in BLACKPINK: The Movie come from those interactions offstage. There’s quite a bit of unnecessary filler, and some sequences that feel more like pre-recorded footage that would play during intermissions at live shows. It’s understandable that YG Entertainment, BLACKPINK’s label, would try and create a way to connect with fans since touring still seems like a shaky possibility, but without a centralized narrative, BLACKPINK: The Movie feels like it’s missing something. Rumor has it that all four members are back in the studio together; hopefully, the next time BLACKPINK is in our area, it’s with something new, exciting, and tangible for fans.


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