Samia Talks About Eating Disorders, Trauma, and Anxiety

The singer-songwriter challenges self-loathing with empathy and validation

samia eating disorder going there with dr mike podcast
Going There with Samia, photo courtesy of artist

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    Indie rocker Samia joins Dr. Mike Friedman on Consequence and Sound Mind Live’s Going There podcast to share her struggle with mental health, specifically how anxiety led to her dealing with an eating disorder.

    Throughout her life, the Scout musician experienced anxiety, where her mind would focus on scary possibilities – things that could go wrong that she could not control. This sense of loss of control was exacerbated by both her having suffered sexual abuse and the subsequent judgment and invalidation she experienced from others when she shared her traumatic event.


    Samia discusses how she sought to regain a sense of control through eating disordered behavior in which she would try to maintain a low and unhealthy weight. She explains how she was able to regain a sense of control not only by allowing herself to engage in weight restoration to achieve a healthy weight, but also by being empathic and validating towards herself even when others were not.

    So let’s go there with Samia and listen to the full episode above.

    Going There is a weekly interview podcast series that finds clinical psychologist and life coach Dr. Mike Friedman speaking with musicians about the crossroads where music and mental health meet. Having stepped up to share their wonderful work with us in music, these artists are now given the platform to share the intimate details of their journey in living with mental illness. By asking the tough questions and having the difficult conversations, Dr. Mike hopes we can shine a light on the difficult topic of mental illness so we can all come out of the darkness, put an end to the stigma of mental illness, and get the care we need.

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