Wednesday Share New Album Twin Plagues: Stream

RIYL '90s indie rock

wednesday share new album twin plagues stream
Wednesday, photo by Charlie Boss

    The new album from Wednesday — no, not that Wednesday — is here. Twin Plagues, the latest release from the Asheville, North Carolina quintet, is indie rock in the truest sense of the phrase, released via the Chicago label Orindal Records.

    Twin Plagues includes the single — and our Song of the Week Honorable Mention — “Handsome Man.” On this album, Wednesday tap into many tried-and-true ‘90s touchstones. You can hear flashes of Pavement’s unpolished, lo-fi charm, The Breeders’ knack for earworm melodies, Codeine’s hypnotic slowcore, and My Bloody Valentine’s trademark roaring guitars. Altogether, however, Wednesday make these well-worn references feel fresh across the 12 tracks of Twin Plagues.

    Lyrically, Wednesday aren’t afraid to step into the surreal: “I think the magical realism/absurd nature of Richard Braughtigan/George Saunders/Isabell Allende novels is what attracts me to them,” vocalist Karly Hartzman said in a statement. “I find comfort now in things that make no sense. Believing things happen in a random fashion is the only comfort in a world where bad things are always happening on purpose.”


    Stream the album on Apple Music or Spotify below.

    Twin Plagues Artwork:

    twin plagues wednesday artwork

    Twin Plagues Tracklist:
    01. Twin Plagues
    02. Handsome Man
    03. The Burned Down Dairy Queen
    04. Cliff
    05. How Can You Live if You Can’t Love How Can You if You Do
    06. Cody’s Only
    07. Toothache
    08. Birthday Song
    09. One More Last One
    10. Three Sisters
    11. Gary’s
    12. Ghost of a Dog