Dream Theater Unveil New Song “Invisible Monster”: Stream

The new album A View from the Top of the World arrives October 22nd

dream theater invisible monster video
Dream Theater (photo by Johnny Perilla)

    Dream Theater have unveiled their new song “Invisible Monster.” It’s the second track we’ve heard from the band’s forthcoming album, A View from the Top of the World, arriving October 22nd.

    “Invisible Monster” sees the prog metal veterans settling into a comfortable mid-tempo, weaving their way through the six-minute track with musical precision. As guitarist John Petrucci explained, it was composed late in the process and was meant to be a change-up from the upbeat tempos that dominate the new LP.

    “It was written after we’d written a bunch of material,” he said via a press release. “A lot of the music was super energetic and upbeat tempo-wise. Mike suggested we do something a little different though. So, we started working on a more mid-temp song. The hook, riff, and melody changed so naturally. I equate it to ‘Pull Me Under’ back in the day where we’d just start playing, something would come out, and we’d be like, ‘Whoa, that’s cool’. There’s a serendipitous moment where it happens.”


    The song title might sound like a COVID reference, but the lyrics focus on “how anxiety plagues people.”

    “It’s like there’s an invisible monster beating you,” Petrucci said. “You don’t see it, but it’s haunting you all of the time.”

    This is depicted in the William “Wombat” Felch-directed music video. Felch plays a struggling artist, grappling with his muse as said anxiety weighs on him. Felch actually created the piece of art seen in the video, which now lives inside the band’s DTHQ studio.


    Dream Theater are also rolling out a three-part docuseries on the making of A View from the Top of the World. The first episode is streaming now, taking fans behind the scenes at DTHQ.

    The new single follows last month’s release of the song “The Alien.” Pre-order the new album via Amazon and various merch outlets, and watch the video for “Invisible Monster” and the first part of the docuseries below.

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