Judge Dismisses One of Marilyn Manson’s Sexual Assault Lawsuits

The judge ruled that the statue of limitations had expired

Marilyn Manson, photo by Raymond Ahner

Marilyn Manson is facing multiple sexual assault lawsuits, but one of them has been dismissed, for now. According to TMZ, a judge on Tuesday ruled that the statute of limitations had run its course on one of the accuser’s claims.

This particular suit was brought by an anonymous accuser who alleged that Manson raped her after they began dating in 2011. The woman claimed that she didn’t initially seek any legal action because she had repressed her memories of the alleged assault. However, the judge determined that the woman wasn’t able to clearly specify how her memory was repressed.

The case isn’t entirely over, as the judge gave the woman 20 days to refile the claim and address the issues dealing with the repressed memory and statute of limitations.


Three other sexual assault lawsuits against Manson are still active, including one by Game of Thrones actress Esmé Bianco. In her lawsuit, Bianco accuses Manson of sexual assault, physical abuse, and human trafficking.

While four alleged victims have taken legal action, several more women have accused Manson of sexual assault since his ex-fiancée Evan Rachel Wood went public with her own experience at the beginning of this year. The actress stated at the time, “He started grooming me when I was a teenager and horrifically abused me for years. I was brainwashed and manipulated into submission.”

Meanwhile, in a case separate from the sexual assault accusations, a videographer is suing Manson for assault stemming from an incident in which the singer allegedly spat on her while she was in a photo pit during a 2019 concert in New Hampshire. Just this week, Manson’s lawyer contended that by being in the photo pit, the woman “consented to exposing herself” to Manson’s “sweat, saliva, and phlegm.”


In the weeks and months since Evan Rachel Wood’s revelations, Manson has been dropped from his record label, removed from acting roles, and shunned by his former music collaborators. However, rapper Kanye West recently welcomed Manson at a listening party for his new album, Donda.