Tori Amos Announces New Album Ocean to Ocean

It's the 16th studio LP of her career and first since 2017's Native Invader

Tori Amos Ocean to Ocean new album artwork music tracklist LP record 2021, photo by Desmond Murray
Tori Amos, photo by Desmond Murray

    After four long years, it looks like we’re finally getting a new album from Tori Amos. The beloved art-pop pianist has just announced Ocean to Ocean, her upcoming studio LP, is due out October 29th via Decca Records.

    Ocean to Ocean will be the 16th full-length of Amos’ career and her follow-up to 2017’s Native Invader. It spans 11 songs in total and the tracklist includes some pretty, nature-themed titles, like “Speaking with Trees” and “Swim to New York State.”

    It’s clear that Ocean to Ocean will be pretty different from Amos’ most recent release, her 2020 EP of holiday songs dubbed Christmastide, and not just because of the aquatic references. In a press release, Amos described Ocean to Ocean as being a record about your losses and how you cope with them.


    “Thankfully when you’ve lived long enough, you can recognize you’re not feeling like the mom you want to be, the wife you want to be, the artist you want to be,” she said. “I realized that to shift this, you have to write from the place where you are. I was in my own private hell, so I told myself, then that’s where you write from — you’ve done it before…”

    “This record sits with you where you are, especially if you are in a place of loss,” continued Amos. “I am fascinated when someone has gone through a tragedy, and how they work through their grief. That is where the gold is. When somebody is actually at that place, thinking ‘I’m done,’ how do you reach that person? Sometimes it’s not about a pill, or a double shot of tequila. It’s about sitting in the muck together. I’m going to meet you in the muck.”

    Pre-orders for Ocean to Ocean are currently ongoing, including a 2xLP special pressing on clear-blue vinyl. Check out the tracklist and cover artwork for it below.


    Ocean to Ocean Artwork:

    Ocean to Ocean by Tori Amos new album artwork cover art record

    Ocean to Ocean Tracklist:
    01. Addition of Light Divided
    02. Speaking with Trees
    03. Devil’s Bane
    04. Swim to New York State
    05. Spies
    06. Ocean to Ocean
    07. Flowers Burn to Gold
    08. Metal Water Wood
    09. 29 Years
    10. How Glass Is Made
    11. Birthday Baby