Respire Premiere Music Video for “Catacombs Part II”: Stream

The Canadian band recently signed to Dine Alone Records

respire band catacombs part ii video
Respire (photo by David Pike)

    Canadian band Respire are teaming up with Heavy Consequence to premiere the music video for “Catacombs Part II,” the closing song from their 2020 album Black Line.

    The ensemble creates a mesmerizing palette of heavy post-rock, bolstered by passionately howled vocals. Comparisons to bands like early Deafheaven are immediate, but Respire — a self-dubbed “post-everything collective” — venture even further into realms of experimentation.

    “Catacombs Part II” opens with orchestral blasts of guitar that give way to somber passages, as string creep in alongside gentler guitar arpeggios. There’s a strong since of dynamics and a multitude of instruments at play, hence why Respire weren’t long for the world of the unsigned.


    The band operated on a DIY level for years, but Black Line caught the ears of Dine Alone Records, which signed the group. The LP is now set for a vinyl reissue, with a new record planned for 2022. The label also helped finance the eerie black-and-white Vanessa Gloux-produced video for “Catacombs Part II,” an alluring piece of visual art unto itself.

    “’Catacombs Part II’ is about the ego’s destruction of nature, the collective, and inevitably, the self,” said vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Egin Kongoli. “The human condition has long created false idols in its image, forsaking the natural world we co-inhabit for our self-gratification and self-aggrandizement. Our delusive mania for man-centric order now threatens to dislodge the entire pendulum of civilization and society. We have no one to blame but ourselves and our own egos. Our only salvation lies in community, in nature, and in finding what it means to live authentically as a collective.”

    To get a sense of the band’s instrumental versatility, here’s a list of the various members and their respective instruments: Ben Oliver (bass/vocals), Travis Dupuis (drums), Darren Scarfo (guitar/vocals), Kongoli (guitar/vocals/vibraphone/synth/banjo), Rohan Lilauwala (guitar/vocals/vibraphone/glockenspiel/synth), and Eslin McKay (violin/viola/vocals/piano).


    The album Black Line has been re-released digitally by Dine Alone Records, with a vinyl version coming in early 2022.

    Respire have three Canadian concerts lineup for early November. You can stream the video for “Catcombs Part II” and see those dates below.

    Respire 2021 Canadian Tour Dates:
    11/11 – Cambridge, ON @ Rhythm and Brews
    11/12 – Toronto, ON @ The Garrison
    11/13 – Montreal, QC @ La Sala Rossa


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