The 22 Worst Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Snubs

Be prepared for plenty of scoffing, maybe some eyerolls, and endless frustration

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Snubs
Illustration by Allison Aubrey

    This article originally ran in 2013 and has been updated. As of 2021, Kraftwerk and Tina Turner have finally graduated from our list of worst snubs, while Daft Punk and others now qualify.

    The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has revealed the inductees for its class of 2021. They include JAY-ZFoo Fighters, The Go-Go’sCarole King, Tina TurnerTodd Rundgren, Kraftwerk and LL Cool J.

    Sadly, nominees Rage Against the Machine, Kate Bush, Chaka Khan, DEVO, Iron Maiden, New York Dolls, Dionne Warwick, Fela Kuti and Mary J. Blige will have to wait another year for possible induction.


    Those left out, however, aren’t exactly in poor company. Many great artists have been shut out from the warm confines of the Cleveland institution.

    Here’s a list of 22 artists who have yet to be enshrined, accompanied with rankings and our semi-formal arguments for their inclusion.

    As this list proves, however, things do change.

    22. Daft Punk

     The 22 Worst Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Snubs

    Number of Years Snubbed: 2

    Number of Albums: 4

    Chart Performance: While the duo’s only Billboard Hot 100 No. 1 is “Starboy,” a collaboration with the Weeknd, “Get Lucky” featuring Pharrell Williams made it to No. 2, and Random Access Memories topped the Billboard 200 albums chart (plus, it won a boatload of Grammys, but more on that in a sec).

    Accolades: The two helmeted robots of Daft Punk may have logged off, but their impact remains. Beyond all of those Grammys — Random Access Memories alone won five in 2014, including AOTY — the duo was responsible for a pretty major introduction of electronic music to a mainstream audience, proving that futuristic, EDM-inspired sounds could have a home with the masses. Their accessibility didn’t negate their inventiveness, though, and artists like The Weekend, LCD Soundsystem, and countless others have all pointed to Daft Punk as critical influences. Recently, Daft Punk was even named one of the most critical acts of the 21st century (by more than one outlet) — they became eligible in the last couple of years, and their cross-genre impact should be enough of a signal for consideration.

    21. Oasis

     The 22 Worst Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Snubs
    Number of Years Snubbed: 2

    Number of Albums: 7

    Chart Performance: Though they’ve had just one Top 10 hit in the US with “Wonderwall” (No. 8), Oasis is one of the best-selling bands ever, and have eight No. 1 singles and eight No. 1 albums in the UK.


    Accolades: Oasis had more than a moment — they had an era. They were a mega-group among groups, nestled in the final days of albums ahead of the streaming era. They were cool, they were controversial, they were constantly feuding within their own group. The act dominated the touring landscape, and, even now, it’s nearly impossible to find a startup young band unwilling to wax poetic on Liam and Noel Gallagher. Famously, in 1996, they pulled off the largest outdoor concerts in UK history at the time when they performed for two nights at Knebworth in front of 125,000 people each night. “Wonderwall” also sparked a meme for the ages.

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