Sebastian Bach to Anti-Biden Rockers Like Staind’s Aaron Lewis: “F**k You and Your Band”

"Joe Biden has made America great again, and he's constantly under attack for no reason"

sebastian bach staind aaron lewis anti biden
Sebastian Bach (photo by Raymond Ahner), Aaron Lewis (photo by Amy Harris)

    Sebastian Bach has choice words for fellow rockers who bash President Biden: “F**k you and your band.” While he didn’t name any names, it’s fairly obvious that his message was directed at Staind frontman Aaron Lewis

    Lewis recently led a chant of “f**k Joe Biden” at a Staind concert in the president’s hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania, inciting a surprising amount of crowd participation. The right-wing singer has been an outspoken critic of Biden, even wearing an “Impeach Biden” baseball cap at recent shows.

    On the opposite end, Bach was a vocal critic of Donald Trump and has been one of hard rock’s most pro-left personalities in recent years. In a new interview, the former Skid Row frontman blasted Lewis’ behavior.


    “I just think for any meathead, ignorant musician that wants to get their crowd chanting, ‘F**k Joe Biden,’ okay, anybody who wants to do that, I can say, ‘F**k you and your band, and f**k the guy that came before Joe Biden,’ [who] I don’t need to speak about anymore,” Bach told Ultimate Classic Rock.

    He added: “Joe Biden is an old man who has nothing but good intentions for the country, and there’s nothing to not like about him. He’s trying his hardest to get us back to normal, instead of the shit show that took away rock ‘n’ roll from us in 2020, and our kids’ school, and everything that we know about America. Joe Biden has made America great again, and he’s constantly under attack for no reason.”

    Bach also lit into anti-vaxxers and science deniers, many of whom make up the large base of trolls that often comment on his opinionated Twitter posts.


    “I don’t understand why somebody would take a vaccine for polio, but they won’t take a vaccine for COVID,” he said. “What’s the f**king difference? You don’t like this disease, but you’re okay with this disease? I don’t get it.”

    Bach’s sentiments echo those of other veteran rockers. Kix frontman Steve Whiteman recently remarked that anti-vaxxers are “holding everything up” in terms of normality in the music world — a viewpoint seconded by Dee Snider, who suggested to Heavy Consequence that anti-vaxxers attend Ted Nugent and Kid Rock concerts.

    Watch the interview clip with Sebastian Bach below.