Slipknot’s Clown Tears Biceps Onstage, Misses Welcome to Rockville Festival: Watch

The percussionist underwent successful surgery in Los Angeles

Slipknot's Clown
Slipknot’s Clown, photo by Raymond Ahner

    Percussionist Shawn “Clown” Crahan missed Slipknot’s headlining gig at the Welcome to Rockville Festival in Florida last night (November 11th) after tearing his biceps a few days earlier during the band’s Knotfest LA set. The moment the injury happened was captured on video, and shared by Clown himself.

    It’s no secret that Slipknot shows are physically taxing, both for the fans and the band members. Imagine a heavy metal Cirque du Soleil, if you will. Case in point: high-flying DJ Sid Wilson broke both his heels during an onstage jump back in 2008, and headbanging singer Corey Taylor underwent serious surgery on his neck in 2016, revealing at the time, “[I] basically broke my neck a while back & didn’t realize it.”

    Now, Clown is the latest member of the masked metal act to suffer a significant injury. On his Instagram account, the percussionist posted video of him pounding away at a 55-gallon steel drum with a baseball bat during the Knotfest LA set, and at one point you can see him wince in pain. He shared the following account of the injury:

    “Ladies and gentlemen, if you look close enough you can pinpoint the exact frame where clown completely tore the bicep tendon from the radial tuberosity with proximal retraction, proximal to the coronoid fossa of the humerus. With that being said, you may have realized I was not on stage in Florida with my brothers and my culture tonight. For this fact I am saddened. I had surgery today in Los Angeles, everything went great and I am recovering peacefully. I can’t express how happy and blessed I am to have been able to come back to touring after all that we as a community have been through the last couple years. And I promise we will see you all very soon. Thank you. Hail The Knot.”


    Thankfully, for Clown, the Welcome to Rockville gig was Slipknot’s last scheduled show of 2021. Hopefully, he’ll be good to go for Knotfest Japan in April and their European tour kicking off in July (tickets available via Ticketmaster).

    Slipknot’s Welcome to Rockville show was also seen by fans worldwide as part of the festival’s first-ever livestream. The event (and the livestream) continues today and lasts through the Sunday’s closing lineup.

    Meanwhile, the band just unleashed the new song “The Chapeltown Rag” ahead of its as-yet-untitled new album. The forthcoming LP will follow-up 2019’s We Are Not Your Kind.


    Watch Shawn “Clown” Crahan tear his biceps tendon during Slipknot’s Knotfest LA set in the video below.