How UPSAHL Coped with Breakup Anxiety

Pop singer encourages people to “feel the feelings” during hard times

going there with dr mike upsahl Aubree Estrella
Going There with UPSAHl, photo by Aubree Estrella

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    It’s common to struggle with anxiety following a difficult breakup, something UPSAHL knows all too well. She joined Dr. Mike Friedman on the Going There podcast to discuss how she dealt with being in her feelings.

    One of the things that is so difficult about breakups is how central our relationships, particularly romantic ones, can be in our lives. Thus when we have a split, it can feel like our whole being has been undermined. UPSAHL talks about feeling like her sense of self was so rattled that she was having an “identity crisis.” In this episode of Going There, she reveals how she understood and managed her anxiety.


    The pop singer talks about several specific techniques, including songwriting and journaling. But one of the most important techniques The Lady Jesus musician described was being willing to feel her feelings without judgment or restriction. This is of the utmost importance, as mourning a loss of any kind can be complex and difficult, and we need to give ourselves the space and room to heal — in our own way and in our own time. Ultimately, the “Time of My Life” singer found power in learning to heal and grow from the pain and anxiety associated a break up.

    No matter how long a relationship, we need to be trying to do our best to build love, connection, and support while we are in a relationship, and learn and grow from relationships that end. This is a skill we can build throughout our lives, and one that helps us get the most out of the connections that mean the most to us. So let’s go there with UPSAHL to learn how she coped with breakup anxiety.

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