Arca Completes KicK Anthology with Four New Albums: Stream

Take in over two hours of new Arca

arca kick ii iii iiii iiiii new albums stream
Arca, photo by Unax LaFuente

    Arca has four new albums out this week. Yes, four: The eccentric electronic artist has shared KICK ii, KicK iii, kick iiii, and kiCK iiiii. They mark the final installments of her KicK anthology, which she began last year.

    Back in November, the Venezuelan artist announced that she’d be releasing KicK iii and kick iiii on the same scheduled release day of KICK ii, the follow-up to 2020’s Grammy-nominated KiCk i. With kiCK iiiii tacked on as a surprise release, that means Arca has just put out an impressive 47 new songs that clock in at over 145 minutes of music.

    While she describes KicK iii as “mutant club music,” KICK ii sees the artist introduce some reggaeton influences, and kick iiii feels like more straightforward mainstream pop — or, at least as mainstream as Arca gets. Either way, she ensures that these four LPs won’t grow stale.


    These new albums include the previously-released singles “Electra Rex,” “Queer,” “Prada/Rakata,” and “Born Yesterday.” Collaborators across the anthology include Garbage’s Shirley Manson, Planningtorock, Oliver Coates, and Ryuichi Sakamoto. There’s a lot to take in, so you better get started listening: Stream KICK ii, KicK iii, kick iiii, and kiCK iiiii on Apple Music and Spotify below.

    Earlier this year, Arca was also featured on Lady Gaga’s remix album Dawn of ChromaticaIn January, she released the four-track EP Madre.

    KICK ii Artwork:

    arca kick ii new album artwork born yesterday sia new song stream

    KICK ii Tracklist:
    01. Doña
    02. Prada
    03. Rakata
    04. Tiro
    05. Luna Llena
    06. Lethargy
    07. Araña
    08. Femme
    09. Muñecas
    10. Confianza
    11. Born Yesterday (feat. Sia)
    12. Andro


    KicK iii Artwork:

    arca kick iii new album artwork iiii electra rex queer stream

    KicK iii Tracklist:
    01. Bruja
    02. Incendio
    03. Morbo
    04. Fiera
    05. Skullqueen
    06. Electra Rex
    07. Ripples
    08. Rubberneck
    09. Señorita
    10. My 2
    11. Intimate Flesh
    12. Joya

    kick iiii Artwork:

    arca kick iii iiii new album artwork electra rex queer stream

    kick iiii Tracklist:
    01. Whoresong
    02. Esuna (feat. Oliver Coates)
    03. Xenomorphgirl
    04. Queer (feat. Planningtorock)
    05. Witch (feat. No Bra)
    06. Hija
    07. Boquifloja
    08. Alien Inside (feat. Shirley Manson)
    09. Altar
    10. Lost Woman Found
    11. Paw

    kiCK iiiii Artwork:

    arca kick iiiii artwork

    kiCK iiiii Tracklist:
    01. In the Face
    02. Pu
    03. Chiquito
    04. Estrogen
    05. Ether
    06. Amrep
    07. Sanctuary
    08. Tierno
    09. Músculos
    10. La Infinita
    11. Fireprayer
    12. Crown