Get Devo’s Trust Me Vodka Collector Box and Receive a Free Bottle on Consequence

Snag a limited edition box set and get a free bottle on us!

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Devo’s Trust Me Vodka Collector Box

    Devo has teamed with Trust Me Vodka for a limited edition collaboration, and Consequence readers have access to a very exclusive offer.

    The band is living up to Trust Me Vodka’s “The Art of Vodka” motto by bringing their distinctive visual style to the Devo Collector Box Bundle. Limited to just 1,500 units, this custom designed, individually numbered box houses two bottles of vodka, each with different Devo-inspired art: one with the iconic energy dome hats, and the other Devo’s “waste disposal” uniforms.

    What’s more, each box comes with an exclusive, never-before-seen graphic dubbed “The Energy Dome Hat,” hand signed by the individual members of Devo themselves. The artwork features the digital wireframe models of the band’s emblematic red hats used to create stage projections for Devo’s 1981 tour. Also inside is a certificate of authenticity with a special message from the band.


    As an added incentive, Consequence readers will receive a bonus 750ml bottle of Devo’s Trust Me Vodka for free upon purchasing the Collector’s Box. That’s a $100 dollar value — free! Simply head to Trust Me Vodka’s website and use the code WHIPIT to get $100 off the Devo Collector Box Bundle (which includes the limited edition box and a bonus bottle.)

    You can also use the code COS for 10% off any individual product. These deals are only available through January 15th, 2022, so click over to Trust Me Vodka, and get ready to sip it good!

    Trust Me Vodka produces high-end, gluten-free, potato-based vodka, and it’s that commitment to quality product that makes their collaboration with Devo a perfect pairing. After all, fans of the art-punk icons have been affectionately called Spuds for years!

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