Post Malone Announces New Album twelve carat toothache [UPDATED]

At 45 minutes, it will be his shortest album to date

post malone twelve carat toothache new album
Post Malone, photo by Matthew Baker/Getty Images

    Post Malone, the chart-topping pop star with the million-dollar smile, has announced that his next album is called twelve carat toothache.

    Update — 4/27: Post Malone has announced that twelve carat toothache will drop on June 3rd. Pre-orders are ongoing.

    In a wide-ranging conversation with Billboard, Posty said that the follow-up to 2019’s Hollywood’s Bleeding would clock in at 45 minutes, his shortest album to date. That’s not exactly brief, but it does buck the trend of using marathon releases to hit streaming benchmarks. “Trying to shove 20 to 25 songs, it doesn’t work,” he said. “Talking to the label [it’s like], ‘Oh, if you have less songs, you’re not going to stream as much,’ but the whole thing is that you don’t want to compromise your art and your gut vibe on anything.”

    He also talked about his creative struggles during the pandemic. “You think about everything at the same time, and it’s fucking overload,” he said. “There’s a lot riding on the music. There’s a lot riding on just being able to keep making songs. And that’s hard to do because you’re like, ‘Fuck — I already talked about everything.’ And you kind of run out of ideas, and that’s scary shit.”

    Eventually, however, he felt just as fresh as he did writing his debut album Stoney. “There was a switch that flipped, and it felt like I was making Stoney,” he said. “I lost that, and the hardest part is getting it back. It ebbs and flows. It’s figuring out: ‘Just because I’m not inspired to do it at the moment doesn’t mean I’m giving up.’”


    The new songs “speak more to how I’m feeling at the moment: the ups and downs and the disarray and the bipolar aspect of being an artist in the mainstream,” he said. “I’ve made a lot of compromises, especially musically, but now I don’t feel like I want to anymore. I don’t need a No. 1; that doesn’t matter to me no more, and at a point, it did.”

    Few details are known at this time, but Post Malone did confirm that “One Right Now,” his November collaboration with The Weeknd, would serve as twelve toothaches lead single. Last month, he partnered with Magic: The Gathering to promote Friday Night Magic’s return to stores.