Fargo Renewed for Season 5 by FX

Next chapter of the crime anthology will be set in 2019

fargo season 5 renewed fx
Chris Rock in Season 4 of Fargo (FX)

    Noah Hawley’s critically-acclaimed anthology series Fargo has been picked up by FX for Season 5, the network officially announced today.

    There’s no information about casting and the premiere date yet, but the fifth installment will be set in 2019. According to the press release, it will tackle the following questions: “When is a kidnapping not a kidnapping, and what if your wife isn’t yours?”

    “Noah and [executive producer] Warren [Littlefield] have delighted and inspired fans through four brilliant chapters of Fargo, and we’re thrilled to announce with our partners at MGM a new chapter of what has become one of TV’s best and most acclaimed series,” said FX Entertainment president Eric Schrier in a statement.

    The more modern setting continues the show’s pattern of alternating between seasons set closer to the present with those taking place in the past. The first season took place in 2006, with Season 2 set in 1979, Season 3 in 2010, and Season 4 in 1950.


    It’s been more than a year since the Chris Rock-starring fourth season came to a close. Focusing on two rival crime families struggling for control in Kansas City, it saw Rock’s Loy Cannon and his crime syndicate facing off against the Italian mafia. Stay tuned for more details about the next chapter of Fargo.

    In the meantime, read our recap of the 25th anniversary reunion of the cast members from the original 1996 film at Tribeca Film Festival here.