Grace McKagan Unveils New Song “Baby That’s Rock N Roll”: Stream

The latest single from the daughter of Guns N' Roses legend Duff McKagan

Grace McKagan new song 2022
Grace McKagan (photo by Kristen Jan Wong)

    Grace McKagan, the daughter of Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan, has unveiled the music video for her new song “Baby That’s Rock N Roll.”

    Grace goes for a garage-rock sound this time around, combining a driving beat with fuzzed-out guitars. Director Connor Ellmann’s Super 8-style video adds to the vintage aesthetics, as Grace rides through the Hollywood hills on the back of a motorcycle.

    “The single speaks to the current mainstream attitude towards rock music, and how distorted it is from the original depth and authenticity from which it was derived,” Grace McKagan said in a press statement. “I’m not the guru on what rock is or isn’t, but the personification of the genre has evolved a lot, especially in these past couple of years. Studs, dirty sex, a guitar riff on a pop song, and wearing eyeliner doesn’t quite equate to rock n roll in my eyes…but on the plus side… let’s celebrate that guitars are back.”


    Grace embarked on a solo career after dissolving her previous band, The Pink Slips — a synthy pop-punk outfit she formed at the age of 15. Now 24, Grace is set to drop an EP of material in the near future, having previously released the single “One You Love” last year.

    “My music has matured over the years and is more in tune with who I am in this moment,” Grace said. “When I was writing music for the new EP, I was influenced by so many of my favorite artists from Morphine to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs to Lee Hazlewood.”

    You can watch the video for “Baby That’s Rock N Roll” below.