Kanye West Won’t Work with Kid Cudi Because He’s Friends with Pete Davidson

Cudi responded by calling West a "fuckin dinosaur"

Kanye West Kid Cudi
Kanye West Kid Cudi, photo by Johnny Nunez/WireImage

    Kanye West is in theory a grown adult, but his behavior as of late would have kindergarten teachers rolling their eyes. Days after picking a fight with Billie Eilish, who is 24 years his junior, the volatile rapper has ended his creative partnership with Kid Cudi because of Cudi’s friendship with Pete Davidson.

    “Just so everyone knows Cudi will not be on Donda [2] because he’s friends with you know who,” West wrote in a hand-written note posted to Instagram on Saturday. “We all speak in Billie language now,” he added.

    Cudi fired back with a vengeance in the comments of West’s post. “Too bad I don’t want to be on ur album u fuckin dinosaur hahaha,” Cudi wrote. “everyone knows ive been the best thing about ur albums since i met u. Ima pray u for brother.”


    In a follow-up post to Twitter, Cudi added, “We talked weeks ago about this. You’re whack for flipping the script and posting this lie just for a look on the internet. You ain’t no friend. BYE.”

    West initially signed Kid Cudi to his label G.O.O.D. Music in 2008, and the pair had been frequent collaborators over the years. They notably teamed up as Kids See Ghosts in 2018, in addition to making guest appearances on each other’s albums.

    It appears West is now willing to throw away that longtime friendship and creative partnership due to Cudi’s relationship with Pete Davidson, who is currently dating West’s ex-wife, Kim Kardashian.


    West’s note also included another shot at Eilish, who drew his ire for a perceived slight she made against Travis Scott.

    Update: West deleted his original Instagram post about Cudi. In a new post, he wrote, “I just wanted my friend to have my back the knife just goes in deeper.” He also shared a photo of himself with Cudi, Davidson, and Timothée Chalamet — with Davidson’s face crossed out with a giant X.

    Really mature stuff for a 44-year-old father of four.