Ramesh Announces New Album Eternal Spring, Shares Title Track: Stream

The former Voxtrot frontman readies his first full-length since 2014's The King

Ramesh, photo by Eric Morales

    Former Voxtrot frontman Ramesh Srivastava has announced a new solo album called Eternal Spring. As a preview, he’s shared the record’s title track, which you can listen to below.

    Eternal Spring marks Ramesh’s first full-length album since 2014’s The King, and in a statement, the Austin-based artist said the album reflects several years’ worth of personal growth. “My therapist talks about external wanderlust vs. internal wanderlust,” Ramesh explained. “I’ve exercised a lot of external wanderlust in my life but in recent years have had to go inside, exploring my spirituality and psychology.” As a result, Eternal Spring sees the artist embrace both his identity as a gay person and his place as a musician, exploring electronic, country, and soul.

    Theatrical first single “Eternal Spring” soundtracks this introspection with jubilant keys and sweeping strings as Ramesh looks back on his relationship history. In the music video, directed by Ramesh himself, the artist dances through the streets of New Orleans, a fitting setting for the operatic single. Of “Eternal Spring,” Ramesh said:


    “I started writing this song when I was 31 and seeing a guy who was 24. He quickly ghosted me and I was devastated, which set me on a course of examining my dating history…illuminating my many codependent entanglements and my behavior at his age. The song is a poetic exploration of the desire to break free of such entanglements into something more mature and meaningful. When we made the video I was considering how my experience as a gay person has informed my approach to dating — that most areas of my life have been affected by an underlying lack of self-worth and that the journey toward true love begins with a battle for self-love. Thus, I wanted it to be a visual love letter to the particular power(s) that I perceive in LGBTQ+ people, inspired by directors like Almodovar and Isaac Julien’s 1989 film Looking for Langston. The video follows a loose narrative of starting in isolation, finding one’s people, experiencing the intentionality of nature/divinity within, and ultimately celebrating that beauty.”

    Eternal Spring arrives March 11th. Pre-orders of the album are ongoing.

    Eternal Spring Artwork:

    ramesh eternal spring album artwork

    Eternal Spring Tracklist:
    01. Redemption
    02. Wilderness of the Heart
    03. Rush
    04. Eternal Spring
    05. The Fool
    06. New Style
    07. Revolution
    08. Valentino
    09. Acid & Tender
    10. Ramos Improv Suite