Rammstein’s New Album Might Be Delayed Due to Paper Shortage

European supply chain issues are affecting the production of packaging materials

Rammstein paper supply issues
Rammstein, photo by Jens Koch

    German industrial-metal luminaries Rammstein are facing a rather industrial conundrum: a paper shortage.

    A supply chain crunch across Europe has led to high prices and a lack of supply in the paper industry. Apparently, Rammstein’s new album could face delays because of a scarcity in materials for record packaging and booklets.

    The news came from an interview with German composer Sven Helbig, who contributed to Rammstein’s new material. When asked about a possible release window for the completed album, Helbig said that the band feared it could be delayed due to the paper shortage.


    “The band itself doesn’t know at the moment,” Helbig told German website [as translated by RammWiki] regarding a potential release date. “The trivial reason: lack of paper. They need to be able to send out a large number of CDs and records, i.e. lots of booklets and covers, worldwide at one go. And that’s probably not feasible right now.”

    To make matters worse, Helbig said that the band isn’t sure if they’ll even tour in 2022.

    “For the band, this hang-up is annoying now,” he continued. “The six of them don’t know when the album is coming, they don’t know if the tour is going to happen this year. They want to move forward, they want to play, but instead, like almost all musicians, they’re sitting there wringing their hands, waiting for decisions to finally be made.”


    Paradoxically, the pandemic that has caused so many supply chain issues worldwide also allowed Rammstein ample time to record the album in question. When the concert industry was shut down, the band entered a French recording studio in 2020 to track new “unplanned” material, just a year after releasing an untitled album in 2019. Whereas the 2019 LP came nearly 10 years after the band’s previous album, a follow-up is expected this year.

    As of now, Rammstein’s twice-delayed North American stadium tour remains confirmed for 2022. The 12-date outing kicks off August 21st in Montreal and runs through an October 4th show in Mexico City, with tickets available via Ticketmaster.