Sly and the Family Stone’s Musical Riot Still Rages Through Decades of Sampling

A deep dive into the artists who have taken inspiration -- and sounds -- from There's a Riot Goin On

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The Opus: There’s a Riot Goin On

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    As Season 17 Consequence Podcast Network and Sony’s The Opus, continues, we’re exploring how the legacy of Sly and the Family Stone’s masterpiece There’s a Riot Goin On can still be heard today.

    Sly and the Family Stone are one of the most covered and sampled artists in all of soul music. Everyone from Jurassic 5 to Janet Jackson, *NSYNC to members of the Wu-Tang Clan have drawn inspiration from the songs on Riot to make classics of their own. The musical revolution that the band started in 1971 is still going on to this very day.


    In Episode 2 of The Opus: There’s a Riot Goin On, host Jill Hopkins is joined by Summer of Soul producer Joseph Patel to discuss the artists who have long been Family Stone fans and used the group’s music to supplement their own, to fantastic results.

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    Original music by Tony Piazza.

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