Ukrainian Band Beton Reimagine The Clash’s “London Calling” as Anti-War Anthem “Kyiv Calling”: Stream

Recorded with The Clash's blessing

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Beton, photo via Instagram

    Update: As Billy Bragg points out, in the past members of Beton were photographed wearing T-shirts with the phrase “Banderas,” in an apparent reference to the far-right Ukrainian leader and Nazi sympathizer Stepan Bandera. As of publication, Beton have not yet addressed the photograph or their alleged support of Bandera.

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    In light of the ongoing invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces, Ukrainian hardcore punks Beton have updated The Clash’s “London Calling” into “Kyiv Calling,” a 2022 call to arms in support of their nation’s capital.

    As The Guardian points out, the surviving members of The Clash gave Beton their blessing to rework the 1979 hit. “Kyiv calling to the whole world/ Come out of neutrality, you boys and girls,” Beton singer Andriy Zholob sings. “A nuclear error, but I have no fear/ ‘Cause Kyiv is rising/ We live for resistance!”


    Beton recorded “Kyiv Calling” at a studio in Lviv, Ukraine last week. Its accompanying video interweaves clips of the band with footage of Ukraine captured by friends, family, colleagues, and volunteers, documenting some of the recent brutal attacks across the country. All proceeds from the track will go to the Free Ukraine Resistance Movement (FURM) to help fund a shared communications system that will alert the population to threats and lobby for international support.

    The three members of Beton are going beyond music to support Ukraine, too. Zholob works as an orthopedic doctor, aiding wounded soldiers and civilians, while drummer Bohdan Hrynko and bassist Oleg Hula have joined the territorial defense and are prepared to join the resistance if called upon.

    “Many Ukrainian musicians are now on battlefields or in territorial defense,” Zholob told The Guardian. “They’ve changed guitars to guns. We hope this song shows Ukrainians’ spirit and our defiance to Russian aggression. We are glad it is going to be played around the world as a symbol of solidarity and hope.”


    “London Calling” recently made the Top 10 of Consequence’s Top 40 Punk Songs of All Time, and Beton’s reimagining certainly does it justice. Listen below.

    Indie rockers Belle and Sebastian recently released their new single “If They’re Shooting at You” in solidarity with Ukraine, while Arcade Fire has held a series of benefit concerts.

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