Craig Robinson on Why He Loves Blending Music With Comedy and How He Feels About Snakes

"Music always finds a way into my projects"

Craig Robinson Interview
Your Attention Please (Hulu), photo by Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images

    Craig Robinson seems like he’s keeping pretty busy. The Office alumni, who always makes a point of incorporating music into his comedy and vice versa, recently wrapped production on the Peacock original comedy series Killing It, in which he stars as a man who gets involved in a Florida-wide snake hunt. And he’s been back on stage as well with his band The Nasty Delicious, which is set to perform as part of the epic lineup of the Netflix Is a Joke festival.

    KIlling It was set in Miami, but shot in New Orleans. “I did a lot of music and comedy in New Orleans, and I’ve been loving it. There’s nothing like it — touching the people,” he tells Consequence.

    Right now, he can be seen on Your Attention Please, the Hulu original series which showcases Black creators and artists and innovators through short films and wildly meta introductory segments hosted by Robinson.


    Season 3 of Your Attention Please debuted in February for Black History Month, but on Friday (March 4th), Robinson is releasing It’s Time to Get Black, Y’all, an EP of songs from the series focused on a particular theme: Black History Month is too short, and should probably be moved to March. (Hence the release date.)

    In the below interview, transcribed and edited for clarity, Robinson talks about working with Your Attention Please creator Brandon Pierce on the unconventional series, and why combining music and comedy together is something that comes naturally to him. He also gives an update on the status of Super High, his forthcoming superhero comedy collaboration with Andy Samberg and Common, and what it was like filming the final appearance of Doug Judy on Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

    Oh, and how does Robinson feel about snakes? The answer to that question is also here.

    Talk to me about Your Attention Please came together for you.

    Brandon Pierce and I worked together many moons ago on a Nike ad. And I love his stuff, and back then he was a young writer, and I just loved him. And then we stayed in touch off and on over the years, and then he came up with this idea that he wanted me to host, and I couldn’t say no. First of all, I loved his stuff, but what he was doing with this idea was just like, mind-blowing. So I thought it was fantastic.


    In terms of coming up with the segments that you’re hosting, what’s the creative process like? There’s a lot of imagination there.

    That’s all Brandon. That’s what I’m saying. He’s amazing at that stuff. He says it, and then I laugh and then we do it and we all laugh, and then we send it out to the world.

    Wonderful. How did the idea of putting together the EP come about?

    It’s Brandon’s brain-child, and I’m pretty much going along with what he’s doing. The lyrics he wrote, it was all me going, “Okay,” even before I saw it. “Okay, let’s hop in, what do we gotta do? Let’s rock it.”


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