Hailey Whitters Shares Origins of New Single “Boys Back Home”: Exclusive

Inspired by nostalgic memories of growing up, photography, and more

hailey whitters boys back home
Hailey Whitters, photo by Harper Smith

    With Origins, artists get the chance to share insights on their latest release. Today, rising country artist Hailey Whitters shares the inspiration behind her new ode to growing up, “Boys Back Home.”

    For Hailey Whitters, home is where the heart is — even if she’s in the middle of a debut headline tour.

    The rising country artist is known for her down-home sound, one that’s authentic and believable among so many Nashville writers striving to capture the magic of country music honestly. Hailey Whitters makes it clear that she was born in it, grew up in it, and isn’t going to let it go any time soon. Her latest, “Boys Back Home,” is an ode to the people who raised her in her youth.


    “They had my back then and I know they still have it no,” she shares. “I wanted to sing this song as a way of saying thank you and celebrating them. I know I wouldn’t be where I am today without them.”

    Where she is today, specifically, is at a point in her career with some serious momentum. She’ll be hitting the road with Jon Pardi this year (tickets are available via Ticketmaster), continuing to stand out in a corner of the industry that often makes it more difficult for women to find their audience. More stories like “Boys Back Home” can be found in her new album, Raised, also out today, March 18th.

    Get a first look at Whitters’ “Boys Back Home” video and read the full Origins of the track below.


    Real Life

     Hailey Whitters Shares Origins of New Single Boys Back Home: Exclusive

    We went back home to shoot this in my hometown of Shueyville, Iowa with the people I grew up with. The muse for this song was the boys I grew up with; we wanted to show them in their everyday element.


     Hailey Whitters Shares Origins of New Single Boys Back Home: Exclusive

    This is a photography book I love by Danny Wilcox Frazier. I looked at it a lot when writing this song and this record. It inspired me to show everyday life back home very candidly and authentically. Danny has a way of showing the beauty in everyday simplicity and I wanted to do the same with this song and video.

    Aunt Cindy’s Farm


    This was a paradise for me growing up. She had just about every animal you could imagine and my siblings and cousins and I loved to just run wild on the farm. Whenever I think about home and growing up, I think about her house with its giant apple tree in the backyard and stained glass windows above the kitchen sink. For me, it was the epitome of growing up in Iowa.


    Cowboy Hats

    cowboy hat

    Photo by Simeon Jacobson via Unsplash

    The hat I’m wearing in this video was actually given to me the day before at a rodeo in Iowa by a 15-year old boy who was competing. He was making fun of my other hat so he gave me his — it even had some cow shit on it. The real deal! I loved it so much and wanted it to be a part of the video.

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