Kevin Morby Hits “Rock Bottom” on Spunky New Single: Stream

Along with a Tim Heidecker-starring music video

kevin morby rock bottom new single music video tim heidecker this is a photograph
Kevin Morby, photo by Chantal Anderson

    Though he might be a praised musician, Kevin Morby isn’t immune to feelings of self-consciousness and inferiority. Today, he’s shared those sentiments with the new single “Rock Bottom,” which arrives with a playful music video starring Tim Heidecker. It’s the latest preview from Morby’s forthcoming album This Is a Photograph.

    Mostly backed by a peppy, one-chord guitar riff, “Rock Bottom” explores the anxiety of carrying childhood insecurities into adulthood. “All of my life, just trying to be like my father,” Morby sings in the first verse. “It’s cold down here, in the rock bottom.”

    In addition to This Is a Photograph producer Sam Cohen on bass, the track features backing vocals from Cassandra Jenkins and laugh tracks from Heidecker and Alia Shawkat.

    Morby conceived the idea for “Rock Bottom” after watching Better Than Something, the 2009 documentary about the late James Lee Lindsey Jr., better known as Jay Reatard. “I was taken by how similar his story was to that of many other American icons that were ahead of their time and too-quickly rose from the bottom to the top, inevitably burning out,” Morby said in a press release. “I read that his stage name, Jay Reatard, was worn as a badge of honor after years of being picked on in grade school.”


    The Johnny Eastlund-directed video for “Rock Bottom” sees Morby fighting off his metaphorical demons with a pair of nunchucks. He then goes to an open audition for a show called Losers Got “Talent”, where Heidecker appears as an ill-willed judge. Also appearing in the clip are comedian Caleb Hearon, Morby’s bandmate Cyrus Gengras, and Jess Wolfe of Lucius. Watch the “Rock Bottom” video below.

    Due out May 13th, This Is a Photograph follows Morby’s 2020 album SundownerHe’ll play the new songs during his upcoming tour, which you can grab tickets for over at Ticketmaster.

    And for weekly insight into how the project was made, check out Morby’s newly launched Substack.