Coachella 2022: Billie Eilish Performs Gorillaz’s “Feel Good Inc.” with Damon Albarn

"[Damon] changed my life in a lot of ways, and changed my view of what music and art and creation could be"

Billie Eilish and Damon Albarn at Coachella
Billie Eilish and Damon Albarn perform at Coachella

    Billie Eilish’s Saturday night headlining performance at Coachella included a surprise appearance from Damon Albarn, who joined the young pop singer to perform Gorillaz’s classic “Feel Good Inc.”

    Albarn initially joined Eilish on stage to lend vocals to “Getting Older,” from Eilish’s sophomore album, Happier Than Ever. The two, along with De La Soul’s Posdnuos, then launched into a rousing version of “Feel Good Inc.”

    “[Damon] changed my life in a lot of ways, and changed my view of what music and art and creation could be,” Eilish told the crowd as she introduced Albarn. “My first favorite band ever was the Good, the Bad and the Queen when I was six years-old, and Blur changed the world, and Gorillaz changed the world, and this man is literally a genius, and that’s that.”


    Eilish’s Coachella set spanned a total of 25 songs, pulling from both her debut album, WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?, and her sophomore follow-up, Happier Than Ever. The evening’s other surprise guest was Khalid, who joined Eilish to perform their duet, “lovely.”

    “I should not be headlining this shit, but I’m so fucking grateful to be here,” Eilish told the crowd at one point. Later, as she concluded her set, she quipped, “I’m sorry I’m not Beyoncé.”

    Watch footage of Eilish’s Coachella performance and see the full setlist below.

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    bury a friend
    I Didn’t Change My Number
    Therefore I Am
    my strange addiction
    lovely (with Khalid)
    you should see me in a crown
    Billie Bossa Nova
    Halley’s Comet
    i love you
    Your Power
    ocean eyes
    Getting Older (with Damon Albarn)
    Feel Good Inc.(Gorillaz cover) (with Damon Albarn and Posdnuos of De La Soul)
    when the party’s over
    all the good girls go to hell
    everything i wanted
    bad guy
    Happier Than Ever