Killer Mike and Ruth Talk Desperation and Hip-Hop in Clip from Ozark: Watch

The final season debuts April 29th

killer mike ozark netflix final season preview trailer watch clip
Ozark (Netflix)

    Killer Mike guest stars in the upcoming final season of Ozarkand Netflix has shared a clip that finds him discussing more than hip-hop with the character Ruth (Julia Garner).

    Netflix described Mike as an “Ozark superfan,” and it’s unclear if Mike is playing himself or another famous rapper. But in the preview, Ruth approaches his table and tells him, “I just wanted to say, I really love your shit.” He inquires about the music pouring out of her earbuds — “N.Y. State of Mind” by Nas — and it quickly turns into one of those conversations where the thing they’re talking about isn’t the thing they’re talking about.

    “It always feels to me like he hates it and misses it all at once,” Ruth says.

    “You know, when I listen to that record,” Mike explains, “His projects are in Queens and you can kind of see of see Manhattan. And I’ve always thought it was so hopeful and fucking cruel at the same time.”


    “You ever wonder if he’d trade that record if it meant not having to go through all that shit?” she wonders, her mind clearly far away from Nas’ Illmatic. Watch the clip below.

    The final episodes of Ozark come to Netflix tomorrow, April 29th. Revisit the trailer now.

    Earlier this month, Killer Mike spoke to Consequence about marijuana legalization and the new Run the Jewels album on the way.