Pavement Unveil Terror Twilight and Spit on a Stranger Reissues: Stream

Collectors and vinyl junkies, rejoice

pavement reissues
Pavement, photo by Masao Nagasaki

    Happy April 8th to all Pavement fans who celebrate: two long-awaited projects, reissues of 1999’s Terror Twilight LP and Spit on a Stranger EP, are out now on Matador Records, and they’re available to stream below.

    Pavement first announced they were reissuing their final album back in January. Terror Twilight: Farewell Horizontal compiles a remastered version of the original album, B-sides, home demos, rehearsal tapes, and live recordings from the era on 4xLP and 2xCD editions. In addition, the package features the rough tracks from a scrapped studio session recorded at Sonic Youth’s Echo Canyon studio. In all, the reissue spans 45 songs — 28 of which have never been heard before.

    The Spit on a Stranger reissue, meanwhile, presses the EP to 12-inch vinyl for the first time. The EP included Terror Twilight’s title track, as well as four previously unreleased tracks, including deep cut “Harness Your Hopes,” which enjoyed an unexpected second life after being discovered by the indie kids on TikTok. Soon enough, Pavement cashed in on the song’s newfound popularity with a brand new music video, directed by Alex Ross Perry, which sees Yellowjackets star Sophie Thatcher make a guest appearance in the band’s classic OG music videos.


    Purchase the Terror Twilight LP here, and the Spit on a Stranger EP here.

    Later this year, Pavement will embark on an  extensive reunion tour. Remaining tickets can be found here. While you wait for those dates, revisit our list of the band’s 10 Best Songs.

    Terror Twilight: Farewell Horizontal Artwork:

    pavement terror twilight reissue artwork

    Terror Twilight: Farewell Horizontal Tracklist:
    LP1 — Side A
    01. Platform Blues
    02. The Hexx
    03. You Are a Light
    04. Cream of Gold
    05. Ann Don’t Cry

    LP1 — Side B
    01. Billie
    02. Folk Jam
    03. Major Leagues
    04. Carrot Rope
    05. Shagbag #
    06. Speak, See, Remember
    07. Spit On a Stranger


    LP2 — Side C
    01. The Porpoise and the Hand Grenade
    02. Rooftop Gambler
    03. Your Time to Change
    04. Stub Your Toe
    05. Major Leagues (Demo Version)
    06. Decouvert de Soleil

    LP2 — Side D
    01. Carrot Rope (SM Demo) #
    02. Folk Jam Moog (SM Demo) #
    03. Billy (SM Demo) #
    04. Terror Twilight [Speak, See, Remember] (SM Demo) #
    05. You Are a Light (SM Demo) #
    06. Cream of Gold Intro (Jessamine) #
    07. Cream of Gold (SM Demo) #

    LP3 — Side E
    01. Spit On a Stranger (SM Demo) #
    02. Folk Jam Guitar (SM Demo) #
    03. You Are a Light (Echo Canyon) #
    04. Ground Beefheart [Platform Blues] (Echo Canyon) #
    05. Folk Jam (Echo Canyon) #


    LP3 — Side F
    01. Ann Don’t Cry (Echo Canyon) #
    02. Jesus in Harlem [Cream of Gold] (Echo Canyon) #
    03. The Porpoise and the Hand Grenade (Echo Canyon) #
    04. Spit On a Stranger (Echo Canyon) #
    05. Be the Hook #

    LP4 — Side G
    01. You Are a Light (Jackpot!) #
    02. Terror Twilight [Speak, See, Remember] (RPM) #
    03. Rooftop Gambler (Jessamine) #
    04. For Sale! The Preston School of Industry (Jessamine) #
    05. Frontwards (Live) #

    LP4 — Side H
    01. Platform Blues (Live) #
    02. The Hexx (Live) #
    03. You Are a Light (Live) #
    04. Folk Jam (Live) #
    05. Sinister Purpose (Live) #


    # = previously unreleased

    Spit on a Stranger EP Artwork:

    pavement spit on a stranger ep artwork

    Spit on a Stranger EP Tracklist:
    01. Spit on a Stranger
    02. Harness Your Hopes
    03. Roll with the Wind
    04. The Porpoise and the Hand Grenade
    05. Rooftop Gambler
    06. Harness Your Hopes (Live Brixton Academy, 1999)