Travis Barker Gets Hawk Tattoo in Tribute to Taylor Hawkins

Barker got the fresh ink to honor his late friend and fellow drummer

travis barker taylor hawkins tattoo
Travis Barker (left photo by Philip Cosores, right via Instagram) and Taylor Hawkins (photo by Amy Harris)

    Travis Barker paid tribute to his late friend and fellow drummer Taylor Hawkins by getting a tattoo of a hawk.

    The Blink-182 drummer took to Instagram to share images from the tattoo parlor of celebrity body artist Mark Mahoney. Barker — whose heavily tatted body is a veritable canvas — was accompanied by his fiancée Kourtney Kardashian as Mahoney inked a detailed hawk design on his ankle.

    The Instagram gallery includes some obligatory PDA from Travis and Kourtney, as they share a kiss while Mahoney gets to work. The final image in the series is of Barker and Hawkins backstage years ago.


    “HAWK forever,” reads the post caption.

    Barker and Hawkins were longtime friends. When the Foo Fighters drummer tragically passed away on March 25th, Barker posted a touching tribute along with a candid backstage photo of Hawkins.

    “I don’t have the words,” Barker wrote. “Sad to write this or to never see you again. I’ll never forget Laguna Beach days when I was a trash man playing in a punk rock band and you were playing with Alanis [Morissette]. You’d come watch me play in dive bars and be like, ‘kid you’re a star.’ And I thought you were crazy but you gave me so much hope and determination.”

    View Barker’s Instagram gallery and his tattoo honoring Taylor Hawkins below.