B.I. Shares Origins of “BTBT” With Soulja Boy and DeVita: Exclusive

The South Korean soloist breaks down the song and its futuristic new video

BI btbt
B.I., photo courtesy of the artist

    Our recurring series Origins gives a space for musicians to connect with fans by sharing unique insights into their latest track. Today, powerhouse K-pop soloist B.I. breaks down his vision behind his collaboration with Soulja Boy and fellow South Korean artist DeVita, “BTBT.”

    B.I. has always known the kind of music he wants to make: boundary-pushing, imaginative, and real. The artist (a former member of K-pop group iKon) has been making music as a soloist since 2019, and part of his goals in this time has been to expand expectations when it comes to music out of South Korea. The global arena is much bigger than the expectations of K-pop, and he’s ready to usher in new listeners to that point.

    His latest, for which he joined forces with with Soulja Boy and fellow South Korean soloist, DeVita, is a vibey, smooth, and very danceable track, just a bit reminiscent of one of B.I.’s late 2021 collaborations, “Lost at Sea.” It’s the first new music from the artist since then, and a promising indicator that fans won’t have to wait too much longer for more throughout 2022.


    Find the new music video below, and catch B.I.’s insights on the track and accompanying visuals below.

    Slam Dunk:

    I considered the relationship between Sakuragi and Haruko from Slam Dunk, specifically the electrifying feeling Sakuragi gets whenever he sees Haruko.

    Kanye West:

    I’m a huge fan of Kanye West’s music, and the way he gets straight to the point and the way he captures emotions clearly with his lyrics. I think that’s why so many people love his music — you can connect your own experiences to his music.


    Romance Films:

    I get a lot of inspiration from watching movies as well. I don’t think people always like admitting it, but romantic comedies and romance movies for some reason make you feel butterflies in your stomach. I really liked Mr. and Mrs. Smith, About Time, and the Korean movie Be With You.


    paul graham

    “A Shimmer of Possibility” by Paul Graham

    I’ve taken a lot of interest in art and photography actually. I think work by Paul Graham and a lot of different photographers inspire me. I started to realize that with one photo you are telling an endless story, and it’s up to the viewer to decipher it.


    Epik High:

    Besides my personal relationship with Epik High, I really loved their song “One.” I think they changed the game with that song.