Faouzia Breaks Down Debut Project CITIZENS Track by Track: Exclusive

The global pop star on the rise breaks down every song off of her new project

faouzia citizens
Faouzia, photo by Jimmy Fontaine

    Our Track by Track series gives artists a space to tell the story of each song on their newest release. Today, Faouzia takes us through CITIZENS.

    After years of steadily growing an audience with her heartfelt, international music, Faouzia has finally shared her debut project, CITIZENS. The record is a swift 23-minute collection and includes the recently released “RIP, Love” and the John Legend-featuring “Minefields.”

    Faouzia’s global influences are immediately noticeable when listening to her music. Born in Morocco and brought up in Canada, the tri-lingual pop star unabashedly brings each element of her roots into her songcraft. Beyond her capabilities to sing in English, French, and Moroccan, her fusion of traditional Moroccan and Arabic stylings with modern pop production has garnered her international acclaim.


    “My earliest experiences with music date back to family road trips when I was a kid,” she tells Consequence. “My mom and dad would play these incredible Moroccan songs full of big percussive elements and Arabic trills. I was introduced to pop music soon after and instantly fell in love.”

    As if her varied approach wasn’t already enough to brand her as the pop star of the future, she’s also mastered the art of TikTok, gaining a monumental fanbase on the Gen Z-populated platform. Faouzia boasts 3.2 followers, and tracks off CITIZENS alone have already surpassed three billion views.

    With CITIZENS, she at last compiles her songs into a cohesive package. The project combines previous hits with newly-released tracks, including the “Don’t Tell Me I’m Pretty,” her first completely self-produced song.


    “I’ve waited years for this moment and I’m so excited to finally share my first body of work with everyone,” she adds. “CITIZENS has been a true labor of love; a collection of music that best represents the path we’ve taken on this journey together, and a taste of what lies ahead. Each of these songs holds a special place in my heart for a different reason, but hearing the meaning that they take on for others is what really makes this all exciting.”

    CITIZENS seems like it could be the first grand hello of an artist primed to make a splash in the 2020s. Listen to the project below, followed by Faouzia’s breakdown of each track.