James Cromwell Superglued Himself to Starbucks Counter for PETA Protest

"When will you stop raking in huge profits while customers, animals, and the environment suffer?" 

james cromwell peta starbucks plant based milk vegan upcharge protest superglue
James Cromwell and a fellow activist, photo via PETA

    PETA has been lobbying Starbucks for cheaper plant-based milk options, and James Cromwell decided to lend them a hand. As part of a protest that took place today, March 10th, the Emmy-winning actor superglued his fingers to the counter of a Manhattan Starbucks.

    US-based Starbucks charge more for vegan milks than for dairy milks, though the products cost the same at stores in the UK and India. According to PETA, “Cow’s milk is Starbucks’ biggest contributor to its carbon footprint,” and the animal-rights group is agitating for Starbucks to make its vegan options as affordable as its dairy options.

    Cromwell took part in a call-and-response chant, where one activist shouted, “Save the planet, save the cows,” and the rest of the group chimed in, “End the vegan upcharge now!” The star of Babe, Star Trek: First Contact, and Succession also read out a prepared speech, in which he said, “More than 13,000 customers have asked you, now we’re asking you: Will you stop charging more for vegan milk? When will you stop raking in huge profits while customers, animals, and the environment suffer?”


    Eventually police arrived at the Starbucks, and Cromwell used a knife to free himself from the counter to avoid arrest. Check out images and video from the protest below.

    This is part of an ongoing campaign for PETA. In March, the group secured the sponsorship of Paul McCartney, who wrote an open letter asking Starbucks to reduce the price of plant-based milks. Last month, PETA worked with Alan Cummings to offer a reward for the return of his former co-star, a chimp named Tonka.

    Cromwell currently guest stars as Ewan Roy on Succession, and in 2020 he was nominated for an Emmy Award for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series for the episode “Dundee.” He has recently held recurring roles on The Young Pope, Halt and Catch Fire, and Boardwalk Empire, and in 2013 he won an Emmy for his work in American Horror Story: Asylum.

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