Nine Inch Nails Treat Boston Calling to Second Headlining Set of Deep Cuts

The 21-song set included performances of "Every Day is Exactly the Same," "And All That Could Have Been," and a cover of Pigface's "Suck"

NIN Boston Calling
Nine Inch Nails, photo by Ben Kaye

    Nine Inch Nails took the stage at Boston Calling on Saturday night for their second of two headlining sets. After filling in for Foo Fighters on Friday night, Trent Reznor and co. served as a last-minute replacement for The Strokes on Saturday (a member of The Strokes tested positive for COVID, leading to their cancelation).

    Whereas Friday night’s set was packed with hits, Saturday leaned heavy in material not normally heard during a festival performance. Notably, NIN dusted off the With Teeth track “Every Day is Exactly the Same” for only the third time since 2006. They also played “Mr. Self Destruct” from The Downward Spiral; “The Day the World Went Away” from The Fragile; “Wish” and “Last” from the Broken EP; “Sin” and Terrible Lie” from Pretty Hate Machine; “Letting You” and “Echoplex” from The Slip; and “And All That Could Have Been” from Still. Also featured were covers of Pigface’s “Suck” and David Bowie’s “Fashion.”

    You can find fan-captured footage of the full performance below, followed by the setlist.

    Saturday night’s set marked the final show of NIN’s spring tour. They’ll be back on the road in the fall — get tickets to their upcoming dates here.


    Mr. Self Destruct
    The Day the World Went Away
    The Frail
    The Wretched
    This Isn’t the Place
    Me, I’m Not
    The Line Begins to Blur
    Terrible Lie
    Letting You
    Shit Mirror
    God Break Down the Door
    Every Day Is Exactly the Same
    Suck (Pigface cover)
    Fashion (David Bowie cover)
    The Hand That Feeds
    Head Like a Hole
    And All That Could Have Been