Noel Gallagher Got Headbutted, “Covered in Blood” Celebrating Manchester City Win

He got flattened by the father of Man City defender Rúben Dias

noel gallagher headbutted manchester city win premier league title
Noel Gallagher, photo by Matt Crockett

    More than a few people would like to smash Noel Gallagher’s face in, including, as it turns out, some of his friends. During the thrilling final minutes of his beloved Manchester City F.C.’s victory on Sunday, which clinched the team’s fourth Premier League title in five years, the father of one of the players accidentally — but violently — headbutted Gallagher in the face, leaving him “on the floor covered in blood.”

    Man City entered the final five minutes down 0-2, before going on one of the greatest rallies in Premier League history to narrowly take the title. “As the third goal goes in, right, there is absolute bedlam,” Gallagher told talkSPORTHe added that he had been sitting near the family of the team’s defender Rúben Dias.

    “In the stadium where we sit, Rúben Dias’s family are in the box, a couple of boxes up. So I’m jumping around like an idiot, passing my 11-year-old son around like the Premier League trophy, everyone is lifting him up, and I turn around and Rúben Dias’ dad runs straight into me – headbutts me while I’m on the floor covered in blood.”


    He ended up missing the game’s conclusion. “I don’t see the last two minutes,” he said. “I’ve got to get taken down by the St. John Ambulance and had to get stitched up. I’ve got stitches in my top lip, I’ve got two black eyes.”

    But Gallagher did manage to congratulate Man City manager Pep Guardiola on his way out. “As I’m going down the corridor, Pep’s running up crying and we kind of hug each other and he says, ‘What’s up with your face?’”

    He continued, “If you’ve seen me today, I look like I’ve just arrived home from the ’80s, from Elland Road. I look like I’ve had my head smashed in. It’s unbelievable. A lot of City fans are asking, ‘You alright? What’s happened?’ and I said, ‘You’ll never guess’.”

    As for the elder Dias, the proup papa was left with “not a mark on him.” Gallagher said, “He’s a big bear of a man – he almost knocked my teeth out. But as days go at the Etihad, that’s got to be up there with the best.”


    Meanwhile, Noel’s younger brother Liam Gallagher also got into a scuffle after the win, though his was of the virtual variety. Liam was talking trash at former Liverpool player and current Sky Sports pundit Jamie Carragher, who shot back that Man City would “never win the Champions league” and that “Oasis are shite compared to the Beatles.”

    Gallagher replied, “Carra you got shit banter for a scouser,” and added, “Oasis piss all over the Beatles how many times did they do knebworth.”

    The two most quotable brothers in alternative rock have been as delightfully mouthy as ever. Last month, Noel took an unprovoked shit on Harry Styles, questioning his songwriting abilities, and in March he opined that rock had become too middle class, saying “working class kids can’t afford to do it now.” As for Liam, he recently dared “the canceling people” to cancel him, saying, “bring it fucking on you fucking squares.”

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