Dad Burns $3,500 Olivia Rodrigo Tickets After Not Reading “Fine Print” About Vaccine Requirement

It's brutal out here

Dad burns Olivia Rodrigo concert tickets COVID vaccine requirement
Doug Wood (photo via Twitter) and Olivia Rodrigo (photo by Dan Garcia)

    More than two years into the COVID-19 pandemic, mandates are more inconsistent than ever. With that in mind, one would logically check the vaccine requirement before spending thousands to take their daughter to see Olivia Rodrigo, but one anti-vax father says he didn’t read the “fine print” and decided to make a big show of it by taking a lighter to the tickets.

    In a Facebook post, self-proclaimed millionaire Doug Wood claimed he spent $3,500 for Rodrigo’s concert at Arizona Federal Theatre in Phoenix for his teenage daughter’s birthday celebration with her friends. Admitting he should’ve done more due diligence since “maybe it was in the fine print,” Wood continued by complaining about Rodrigo requiring proof of vaccination (or medical exemption with a negative test) for anyone 12 or older.

    “Not even a negative COVID test will work. V_X only,” the Churchboy to Millionaire author complained. “I’m like what the heck… oh HELL NO!!! COVIDs over and down to a common cold, and it’s also just very minor political theater now by the far left. NOPE!! Olivia Rodrigo and her Sourtour are demanding every 12 year old girl or guy and older are fully Bull 💩 and boosted!”


    While Wood went on to point out that the venue no longer requires proof of a negative COVID-19 test and/or vaccination, artists can of course make their own requirements for the safety of themselves and their fans. Wood wasn’t having it, though, going on a rant about Rodrigo “indoctrinating” her fans with propaganda.

    “This is all her and her tour. Ummm NO! Not happening and will not support this,” Wood wrote. “Mind you Olivia’s prime audience is girls 12-18 years old. She is bought and paid for! This is sick and now she and her owners (far left) is indoctrinating young girls with this propaganda and type of bullying to inject their body.”

    So, after “some tears, long chat, prayer, sadness, more prayer,” the birthday celebration was canceled. Rather than making it up to his daughter by say, selling the tickets to pay for something else, Wood decided to “take a stand” by burning them in a video he posted on Twitter. Watch it below.


    Meanwhile, reported COVID cases in Arizona have increased by 84 percent over the past two weeks, with Phoenix being located in one of the hot spots. In the midst of the latest COVID surge, the CDC is once again recommending masking indoors in counties with “medium community levels,” showing the value in stricter requirements like Rodrigo’s.

    Rodrigo is currently closing out the North American leg of her “Sour World Tour.” Along the way, she’s covered classics like “Just a Girl” by No Doubt, given her own take on songs by Veruca Salt and Avril Lavigne, and even duetted “Complicated” with Lavigne. Tickets are available now via Ticketmaster.

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