Ozzy Osbourne Needs Additional Neck Surgery, “Can’t Walk Properly These Days”

"I am somewhat better, but nowhere near as much as I want to be to go back on the road"

ozzy osbourne neck surgery
Ozzy Osbourne (photo by David Brendan Hall)

    Ozzy Osbourne revealed that he is waiting to undergo additional neck surgery and currently has trouble walking.

    Osbourne addressed his lingering health issues during a candid interview with Classic Rock. The singer hopes to mend his neck problems so he can return to touring.

    “I can’t walk properly these days,” Ozzy said after stating that he’s “waiting on more surgery” for his neck. “I have physical therapy every morning. I am somewhat better, but nowhere near as much as I want to be to go back on the road.”

    He added: “At f**king 73, I’ve done pretty well. I don’t plan on going anywhere, but my time’s going to come.”

    Osbourne has certainly achieved a lot in his career, from fronting Black Sabbath to his highly successful solo work, but he still has one more box to check off in his latter years.

    “A Number One Ozzy album,” he remarked. “I’m coming back to England this year, too. I’ve had enough of living out here [America] now. My intention was never to stay out here.”

    Speaking of Ozzy’s home in England, his historic Buckinghamshire abode will soon have a dedicated “rehabilitation wing,” per the Daily Mail. Specifically designed around Ozzy’s physical health issues, the wing will feature “an abundance of stopping and sitting” spots, “discreet grab rails and aids” and “soft non-slip surfaces,” plus an on-site nurse’s flat. In addition, there will also be a “pool house orangery”, “garden room,” and a “health and welfare exercise studio.”


    In addition to his various recent health issues and battle with Parkinson’s disease, Ozzy recently contracted COVID-19, with his wife Sharon expressing that she was “very worried” due to his pre-existing conditions. However, she later reported that Ozzy “was much better and on the mend.”

    After kicking off in 2018, Ozzy’s “No More Tours 2” farewell trek has been postponed many times due to his health and the pandemic. As of now, he’s slated to return to the road in early 2023 for a UK/European tour with support from Judas Priest.

    Meanwhile, Ozzy’s upcoming album with producer Andrew Watt has been completed. The guest-heavy record features an all-star cast of performers including Josh Homme, Chad Smith, Tony Iommi, Eric Clapton, Zakk Wylde, Mike McCready, the late Taylor Hawkins, and more. Further release details are expected to be revealed soon.