Scott Ian and Pearl Aday on New Motor Sister and the Next Anthrax Album

There’s also a cameo from their son Revel, who talks about his band Honeybee’s new single

Kyle Meredith with Motor Sister, photo by Travis Shinn

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Scott Ian and Pearl Aday drop into Kyle Meredith With… to talk about the latest album from Motor Sister, Get Off, and how they decided to take the band much further than just a tribute act to Mother Superior.

Ian tells us about being able to play in a different style compared to his work in Anthrax and recording an homage to KISS with the song “Time’s Up,” while Aday talks about the mystery artists set in her sights in the song “Come for You.”


The interview also has a cameo from the husband-and-wife duo’s son, Revel, who talks about his band Honeybee and their new single “Get Out of My Head.” Ian also gives us an update on Anthrax’s next album and upcoming tour with Black Label Society to celebrate their 40th anniversary (tickets for which are available here).

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