Ted Cruz Is Jealous of Pete Davidson: “How Come That Dude Gets All of These Hot Women?”

He also crushed hard on Kate Beckinsale

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Ted Cruz (photo by Oliver Douliery/POOL/AFP via Getty Images) and Pete Davidson (NBC)

    Ted Cruz, who looks like a child tried to paint a face on a bowl of mashed potatoes, does not understand the appeal of Pete Davidson, complaining on his podcast, “How come that dude gets all of these hot women?”

    On Friday’s episode of The Verdict with Ted Cruz, his co-host Michael Knowles read out a fan question. “‘We are seeing women like Amber Heard, Jada Pinkett Smith, Megan Markle, Kim Kardashian. Is it time we start talking about toxic femininity?’”

    Cruz began his answer behaving as if he’s aware that women are, in fact, people, though he wasn’t able to keep up the illusion for long. “Jada Pinkett Smith, it seems unfair to blame her for the fact that Will Smith went and took a swing at someone,” he said. “He has agency, so I’m not going to blame her for that. Amber Heard — I’ll confess, I haven’t watched this trial. I’ve seen snippets of it and it seems a little bit like watching a celebrity car crash.”


    He added, “Kim Kardashian, she hasn’t done anything lately. Kim seems fine,” before diving off the rails at the thought of her current boyfriend. “Pete Davidson! All right. How come that dude gets all of these hot women?” he wondered. He also admitted to a celebrity crush. “Pete Davidson was dating Kate Beckinsale. I mean, you’re talking Underworld, you’re talking like, super hot vampire in black leather trench coat. And you’re like, really? The SNL dude?”

    If you’re somehow still holding on to your lunch, you can listen to the full podcast below.

    Last November, Cruz attacked Big Bird over the Sesame Street character’s support for COVID-19 vaccination, leading to the surreal spectacle of two puppets feuding. As for Davidson, he’s been dealing with relentless harassment from Kardashian’s ex-husband Kanye West. During his set at Netflix Is a Joke: The Festival, Davidson joked about Ye starting a rumor that he has AIDS.

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