Young Thug Arrested on Gang Activity, Racketeering Charges

The rapper is accused of being involved in the murder of a rival gang leader and other criminal activities

Young Thug mugshot
Young Thug, photo via Fulton County Sheriff’s Office

    Young Thug was arrested on gang activity and racketeering charges in Atlanta on Monday.

    According to the New York Times, Young Thug was charged with one count each of participation in street gang activity and conspiracy to violate the RICO Act as part of a 56-count indictment filed against the rapper and 27 of his associates.

    YSL (short for Young Slime Life) is the name of Young Thug’s record label. However, in its indictment the Fulton County District Attorney alleges that the Atlanta-based YSL also engages in criminal gang activities, including murder and armed robbery, with allegiance to the Bloods.

    As the co-founder of YSL, Young Thug is specifically accused of renting a car which was used in the 2015 murder of a rival gang member named Donovan Thomas, Jr. Prosecutors also say that members of YSL sought Young Thug’s permission to arrange a hit against rapper YSN Lucci while he was jailed in Fulton County.


    The indictment also includes a lengthy section describing “acts in furtherance of the conspiracy,” such as Young Thug’s song lyrics and social media postings, as well as the 2015 shooting of Lil Wayne’s tour bus (for which Young Thug’s associate, PeeWee Roscoe, pleaded guilty to).

    Young Thug — whose real name is Jeffrey Williams — was taken into custody on Monday afternoon and is due in court on Tuesday morning.

    In a statement, Young Thug’s attorney, Brian Steel, said: “Mr. Williams was taken into custody upon execution of the arrest warrant and he was cooperative in his dealings with law enforcement at all times. Mr. Williams remains in custody while efforts are being made to secure his pretrial release on bond. Mr. Williams vehemently denies the allegations lodged against him and he looks forward to the opportunity to defend this case in court. We will fight this case ethically, legally and zealously. Mr. Williams will be cleared.”


    As part of the indictment, Young Thug’s frequent collaborator, Gunna, is also facing racketeering charges.

    This is a developing story…

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