What the Cluck? Jack Harlow’s KFC Meal Has All the Worst Things on the Menu

The Louisville rapper teams up with Kentucky's finest

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Jack Harlow, image courtesy of KFC

    We can debate whether Jack Harlow is a good rapper, but his official branded KFC meal proves he’s a man of questionable taste. The 24-year-old Louisville superstar has entered a corporate partnership with Kentucky’s finest, and he’s managed to choose all of the worst items on the menu.

    To start, he’s selected the Spicy Chicken Sandwich. While the new edition is a big improvement over the older model, and while the spicy version is much more edible than the original, it remains one of the weaker chicken sandwiches in the wide world of fast food. The breading is wrong for a sandwich, lacking the satisfying crunch that plays best off softer bread, and besides that, KFC has long had a problem with drying out any chicken that doesn’t get fried on the bone. Popeye’s remains the gold standard, and KFC’s sandwich is miles behind Church’s Chicken and the other place, the one we’re not naming during Pride Month.

    Besides that, Harlow has made a rookie mistake when it comes to ordering sides. KFC Mac & Cheese makes a box of Kraft look ready for a Michelin star, with overcooked noodles swimming in a watery sauce. And while the Secret Recipe Fries are solid on their own, he’s already eating a fried version of those 11 herbs and spices on the sandwich. He probably should’ve picked up ten more packets of ranch, because his tastebuds will be screaming to get that secret recipe the cluck out of here.


    In a statement, Harlow took a victory lap for his new album Come Home the Kids Miss You and called this order his “childhood favorites.” He said,

    “From releasing Come Home the Kids Miss You and now launching my own meal at KFC, I’m having a super blessed summer. When KFC asked me to create my own meal, I knew it couldn’t be just any meal. My meal brings together my childhood favorites from growing up in Louisville, the KFC Mac & Cheese, with my new go-to Spicy Chicken Sandwich (with plenty of ranch), Secret Recipe Fries, and lemonade – it doesn’t get much better.”

    If you say, so, Jack. You can catch him live this summer on his ongoing tour with City Girls. Tickets are available here. Besides that, Harlow has been tapped for the Woody Harrelson part in the reboot of White Men Can’t Jump.

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