Metric Rock Out in “What Feels Like Eternity” Video: Exclusive

The Canadian rockers unleash the third single from forthcoming album Formentera

metric What Feels Like Eternity video
Metric in the “What Feels Like Eternity” video (YouTube)

    Metric have returned with the latest single from their upcoming album, Formentera, due out July 8th. The track, “What Feels Like Eternity,” comes with an accompanying video featuring the band captured via a saturated, handheld camera. Get an exclusive first look at the visual below.

    Formed in 1998 in Toronto, Metric have spent over two decades carving out a lane of their own in the alternative rock scene. Since the band’s 2003 debut, Old World Underground, Where Are You Now?, the rock quartet has become a mainstay of indie rock in their native country. The band boasts award-winning albums and chart-topping singles and still have yet to lose any of their well-deserved cred.

    The band has kept up a steady flow of material since then, from the record-breaking single “Youth Without Youth” in 2012 to their most recently released full-length, 2018’s Art of Doubt. Their work ethic continues, as 2022 is set to see the release of their eighth studio album, Formentera. Following lead single “All Comes Crashing” and the ten-minute album opener “Doomscroller,” Metric has dropped the album’s third single “What Feels Like Eternity.”


    Where “Doomscroller” was operatic with its synth-rock dystopia and “All Comes Crashing” was arena-sized and pessimistically danceable, “What Feels Like Eternity” is the most immediate and rocking tune to come out of Formentera yet. Building verses give way to driving, catchy choruses before the dramatic breakdown brings the apocalyptic feel of the previous two singles back into focus.

    The visuals accompany the sound with both chaotic, handheld shots of the band performing and static, VHS-quality sequences of general band shenanigans. The video culminates with the fusion of the two styles during the last chorus, after which Haines quips “It’s so ‘90s.”

    Check out the video for “What Feels Like Eternity” below. Metric is also gearing up for the 39-date “Doomscroller Tour.” Check out the dates and grab tickets here.