Tool Members Join Brass Against for Performance of “Stinkfist”: Watch

The onstage collaboration took place on the final date of Tool's European tour

Brass Against with Tool
Brass Against with Tool, via Twitter

    Tool recently wrapped up their European tour, and members of the band celebrated by jamming their classic song “Stinkfist” onstage with support act Brass Against. The performance took place at the outing’s final show on May 24th in Budapest, Hungary.

    Brass Against are known for their big-band covers of songs by Tool and Rage Against the Machine, among others. In fact, “Stinkfist” was a regular number in their set leading up to the collaborative performance. This time around, Tool’s Adam Jones, Danny Carey, and Justin Chancellor joined them onstage for the high-energy version of the Ænima song.

    Tool typically play pranks on their opening acts on the final shows of tours, as they recently did with Blonde Redhead, when they sported blonde and red wigs and danced around onstage during the the support band’s last show on Tool’s US tour earlier this year. However, for the European trek, Tool seemingly played their prank on Brass Against on the outing’s first show, placing a sign on the stage that read, “NO PEE ZONE – No Urine Is To Be Deposited, Placed, Distributed, Sprinkled, Poured And/or Spread In This Immediate Area.”


    Of course, the sign referred to last year’s infamous incident at the Welcome to Rockville festival in which Brass Against singer Sophia Urista pulled down her pants and urinated on the face of a male audience member that she summoned to the stage.

    For Tool, their touring schedule is now clear for the rest of 2022 except for a headlining appearance at the Bonnaroo festival in Manchester, Tennessee, on June 18th. Tickets for Bonnaroo are available here.

    Watch the members of Tool performing “Stinkfist” with Brass Against below.

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