Song of the Week: Cardi B Heats Up the Summer with “Hot Shit” Featuring Ye and Lil Durk

Amythyst Kiah, Daisy Guttridge, and LAVA LA RUE also dropped essential tracks

cardi b hot shit
Cardi B, photo courtesy of the artist

    Song of the Week breaks down and talks about the song we just can’t get out of our head each week. Find these songs and more on our Spotify Top Songs playlist. For our favorite new songs from emerging artists, check out our Spotify New Sounds playlist. This week, Cardi B enlists Ye and Lil Durk for some “Hot Shit.” 

    “I’m nervous. I’m so nervous. I don’t even know what’s going on,” Cardi B told Apple Music about her new song, “Hot Shit,” effectively capturing how just about everyone feels about… well, everything these days.

    Cardi B is beloved for a multitude of reasons, and her complete lack of filter and insistence on being wholly herself in any situation is definitely an important one. The lead single to her upcoming sophomore album might not be as much of an earworm as the smash of all smashes “Bodak Yellow” or have the playfulness of “I Like It,” but the more simple, bass-boosted production keeps her and her expert flows front and center.


    It’s worth listening through “Hot Shit” a few times to catch the references tucked throughout the verses. “Might get in the tub with all my ice on some ‘Pac shit (Hot),” she says, referring to 2Pac’s iconic photoshoot that featured the rapper only wearing a collection of jewelry. Later, on Ye‘s verse, he says, “When we lost Virg’, I was on the verge,” referring to the late, great Virgil Abloh, fashion designer, artistic director of Louis Vuitton, and close friend and collaborator to Ye.

    Cardi B loves a good boast — as she should, take a look at her life’s trajectory — and it’s never really tiresome coming from her. In the same interview with Apple Music, she shares that her songs take on genders in her brain, revealing that “Hot Shit” is a boy. What’s more, this boy is at least a few years old, as Cardi has been sitting on this track since 2019, as she was unsure if such “masculine” energy would be what listeners would want from her.

    In true Cardi B fashion though, she eventually decided to throw caution to the wind and release the song anyway. Welcome to the new era of Cardi B — and if she doesn’t know what’s going on, she’s doing a pretty great job of fooling us.

    — Mary Siroky
    Contributing Editor


    Honorable Mentions:

    LAVA LA RUE – “Don’t Come Back”

    The second single to their upcoming Hi-Fidelity EP, “Don’t Come Back” is a lot like the EP’s cover art: a little dark, kind of seedy, fairly fantastic, and intensely interesting. Built on a fat, funk-inspired bassline, LA RUE struts over the beat as they sing of a relationship turned sour: “And I don’t think I’m having any fun no more.” The instrumental, produced by Courage and Saya Grey, accentuates the intoxication of an unhealthy love with soaring synth melodies and subtle guitar lines. It’s the kind of track that’s after an extremely specific vibe — and, man, does it hit. — Jonah Krueger

    Amythyst Kiah – “Hitchin’ a Ride”

    After tackling Joy Division’s “Love Will Tear Us Apart” and Tori Amos’ “Sugar,” powerhouse singer-songwriter Amythyst Kiah returns with a dramatic rendition of Green Day’s “Hitchin’ a Ride.” With a more stripped-back, acoustic-based instrumental and her booming vocals, Kiah’s version of the song reinvents the staccato pop-punk track into something that could pass for a folk standard. The result is a newfound focus on Billie Joe Armstrong’s lyrics, which detail someone struggling with addiction. With a distorted guitar-led climax in the back end, Kiah’s “Hitchin’ a Ride” may not be as mosh-worthy as Green Day’s, but it’s just as rewarding. — J.K.

    Daisy Guttridge – “Keep You Safe”

    There’s something a bit addictive and hypnotic about Daisy Guttridge’s voice, and it only hits harder on a song laced with as much intimacy as “Keep You Safe.” The tender, low-fi track makes it just a bit easier to believe that it’s ok to fall in love hard and fast. Written as a tender ode to her partner, “Keep You Safe” is a warm hug, a thoughtful promise, and another ambient bop from Guttridge, who just recently wrapped a tour opening for Hippie Sabotage. — M. Siroky  


    poolblood – “twinkie”

    Toronto-based indie pop artist poolblood has shared the summery “twinkie” this week, produced by Shamir and their first release on Next Door Records. With shimmering guitars and an appropriately dreamy choir of “ahh”s rounding out each chorus, poolblood’s meandering vocals create a hypnotic wash of chill. And throughout the song, poolblood never loses their calmness and composure — instead, the track blooms with patience and tenderness, like the bright sun on a July morning. If you’re looking for effortless dream pop to help you transcend this summer, look no further. — Paolo Ragusa

    Emotional Oranges – “Make Me Wanna”

    LA duo Emotional Oranges are back with “Make Me Wanna,” another slice of irresistible and seductive R&B. They seem to find their stride immediately on their more sensual-leaning tracks, and “Make Me Wanna” finds both vocalists exuding more swagger and class than ever before. The flourishes of guitar take the song to a more tender place, but the beat keeps it active and fun — a great metaphor for, well, the very thing that Emotional Oranges are so passionate about on “Make Me Wanna.” — P.R.

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