DPR Ian Breaks Down New Album Moodswings In To Order Track by Track: Exclusive

A look into each song on the multiverse-infused album and a preview of its accompanying short film

DPR Ian Moodswings In To Order
DPR IAN, photo by Kundo Song

    DPR Ian is meticulous.

    The artist born Christian Yu is many things, actually — an editor, a songwriter, a performer, and a former K-pop artist who broke off from the idol world in favor of creating an independent studio where everything from visuals to sound can be managed in-house. Dubbed Dream Perfect Regime (DPR), the company is an artist collective helmed by fellow artists Live, Cream, and REM, all of whom attach DPR to the front of their names.

    On the day Ian logs on to Zoom to discuss his new album with Consequence, he’s in the midst of editing a short film that will accompany the release of Moodswings In To Order. “I’m at home, and I’ve been editing nonstop for the past…” he trails off. “I can’t remember. I haven’t even been outside.”

    Moodswings In To Order is the follow-up to 2021’s Moodswings In This Order, shortened to MITO. The album featured a character of the same name — Mito, an alter-ego of sorts to Ian, partly an extension of himself and partly a fictionalized and heightened way for him to explore his psyche.


    For that reason, this album is being referred to as MIITO, the second installment of the story. “From the first album, the character was always the priority,” he explains. Even for those not familiar with the storyline he’s weaving across albums, the music is a great listen, tied together by the expertly polished and often catchy tracks that come out of the DPR world.

    MIITO, though, is an incredibly intimate and vulnerable journey, if the listener is ready to take it. Ian is candid about Mito’s role in his life and a tool for exploring his own mental health, manic episodes, and journey as someone living with bipolar. These are heavy topics that inherently bear at least of a piece of an artist’s soul to the listener, but for Ian, it was all about the story.

    “I don’t think I’ve really thought about how vulnerable it actually made me,” he shares. “I was just so honed in on getting this story right. Even now, I’m so obsessed with that. It takes me a long time to step outside and take a breath of fresh air. It’s that hard.”


    Mito’s journey is dramatic and existential, a story of Gods and love and fallen angels. It’s about burying your heart and finding love again, even if it means discovering the love isn’t actually real at all. “I’ll do anything to make the story better,” he explains, always circling back to the fact that he strives to be a well-rounded, three-dimensional creative, more than someone who provides surface-level entertainment. “Are you in it for the entertainment, or are you in it for the storytelling?” For him, after years in so many different sectors, the answer is clear.

    Below, DPR Ian breaks down the story behind each song on his new album, Moodswings In To Order, track by track.

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