Shame! House of the Dragon Will Have Less Sex Than Game of Thrones

The prequel "pulls back" from the frequent sex in Game of Thrones

house of the dragons less sex game of thrones pulls back rape violence
House of the Dragon (HBO)

    Perhaps someone’s been shaking a shame bell at the showrunners for House of the Dragon, because in a new feature in The Hollywood Reporter Miguel Sapochnik and Ryan Condal said that the prequel series “pulls back” on sex scenes compared to the randy routine of Game of Thrones.

    Viewers of Game of Thrones may have sometimes felt like they’d landed several pages deep on the Hub, with incestuous coupling, needless baths, and long monologues delivered amongst the topless employees of a whorehouse. It also set a new low in depictions of sexual assault, both in terms of quantity and the gratuitous nature of what was shown. It was even hard on the cast; Iwan Rheon, who played Ramsay Bolton, said that filming the Season 5 scene where his character raped Sansa was “the worst day of my career.”

    While House of Dragon plans to reel in depictions of sexual pleasure, it still plans to address violent, non-consensual acts, though hopefully with more nuance. Sapochnik said that rape will be approached “carefully, thoughtfully and [we] don’t shy away from it. If anything, we’re going to shine a light on that aspect. You can’t ignore the violence that was perpetrated on women by men in that time. It shouldn’t be downplayed and it shouldn’t be glorified.”


    Meanwhile, childbirth is said to take on a greater importance in the prequel series, though hopefully not in the same sense that weddings were important in the original. As one female character says, “The child bed is our battlefield.”

    “In medieval times, giving birth was violence,” Sapochnik said. “It’s as dangerous as it gets. You have a 50/50 chance of making it. We have a number of births in the show and basically decided to give them different themes and explore them from different perspectives the same way I did for a bunch of battles on Thrones.”

    House of the Dragon premiers August 21st on HBO. Revisit the official trailer now.

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