Regina Spektor Details 11:11 20th Anniversary Box Set, Shares Remastered “Love Affair”: Stream

The reissue is out on August 26th

regina spektor 11:11 debut album box set papa's bootlegs 20th anniversary
Regina Spektor, photo by Ilya Spektor

    Regina Spektor has set a release date for and detailed the upcoming 20th anniversary box set of her debut album 11:11. Out on August 26th, the self-released LP has long been unavailable in physical form since the singer-songwriter first dropped it back in July 2001.

    In addition to a remastered vinyl edition of 11:11 with its original tracklist, the reissue will include a collection of live performances of never-before-heard songs from the era recorded by Spektor’s father — aptly titled Papa’s Bootlegs. Check out the artwork and complete tracklist of the box set below.

    “For years I was relieved that this little record, made with friends while at university, got lost to time. It felt more like an old yearbook photo than something to be shared,” Spektor said in a statement. “When I listened for the first time in almost 20 years, I realized how special it was to have this snapshot of my younger self, and of a time that’s now completely gone. I had very little from this era, but my dad remembered that he had recorded all my earliest shows and shared those camcorder videos with me.”


    She continued, “I discovered dozens of songs I had completely forgotten about. As I listened, I was surprised that instead of cringing I was filled with gratitude. I finally got to thank that young girl for spending so much of her time working on art and for setting me on a lifelong path of songwriting and music making.”

    To preface the release, the singer also dropped a remastered version of the album’s opener, “Love Affair.” Stream it below.

    The special commemorative reissue will arrive in the wake of Spektor’s just-released eighth album Home, before and after, which dropped last month and featured the singles “Becoming All Alone,” “Up the Mountain,” and “Loveology.”


    Spektor kicks off an extensive US tour next week with a headlining show at New York City’s Carnegie Hall. After supporting Norah Jones for a handful of dates this summer, she will head out on a fall trek of her own. Grab tickets here.

    11:11 Artwork:

    regina spektor 11:11 debut album box set artwork

    Papa’s Bootlegs Artwork:

    regina spektor papa's bootlegs artwork

    11:11 Tracklist:
    01. Love Affair
    02. Rejazz
    03. Back of a Truck
    04. Buildings
    05. Marry Ann
    06. Flynn
    07. Wasteside
    08. Pavlov’s Daughter
    09. 2.99 Cent Blues
    10. Braille
    11. I Want To Sing
    12. Sunshine

    Papa’s Bootlegs Tracklist:
    13. Back of a Truck
    14. Love Affair
    15. Trigger Happy
    16. Wastewide
    17. Cyclone
    18. Pavlov’s Daugther
    19. Mocking Bird
    20. Train Ballad
    21. Rejazz
    22. Quarters
    23. Cradle
    24. Little Girls
    25. Mustard Muskateers
    26. Amplifiers
    27. Sunshine
    28. False Intro to Braille
    29. Braille
    30. Marry Ann
    31. Long Brown Hair
    32. Flyin’
    33. Down by The River


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