Rob Zombie Sets the Record Straight on The Munsters Movie: “F**k, I Wish I Had That Kind of Budget”

"How the hell did everyone get the idea that The Munsters cost 40 millions dollars?"

Rob Zombie The Munsters clarification
Rob Zombie (photo by Raymond Ahner) and The Munsters (courtesy of Universal Pictures Home Entertainment)

    Following the unveiling of a couple of trailers for The Munsters and the news that the movie is heading straight to Netflix and home release in September, Rob Zombie has cleared up some rumors concerning his film adaptation of the 1960s sitcom.

    When the movie was first announced, early reports suggested that it would premiere in theaters and on the Peacock streaming service simultaneously. According to Zombie, that was never the case. In a new Facebook post, he declared that the movie was always meant to be released on Netflix, while also insisting that reports about the film’s budget were grossly exaggerated.

    The rocker-director’s full post reads as follows:

    “How the hell did everyone get the idea that The Munsters cost 40 millions dollars? F**k, I wish I had that kind of budget. To put a little perspective on it all if you add up the budgets of Halloween 2, The Lords of Salem, 31, 3 From Hell and The Munsters all together it wouldn’t even add up to 30 million. Also the movie was never going to theaters or Peacock or Paramount. It was always being made for Netflix which is fine since it is the largest of the streaming services. This was done way before I ever got involved in the project. I have no control or say over this type of stuff. This is a Universal deal. But the internet loves to invent rumors which somehow turns to facts so the fans can get all bend out of shape. None of this actually matters but thought you might like the real story. RZ”


    The first two trailers of the movie do give off a low-budget vibe, and were met with some online ridicule on Reddit and social media. However, they do capture the campiness and feel of the original sitcom.

    As for casting familiar faces from his previous movies, Zombie explained to Entertainment Weekly, “I wanted to cast people that had worked together a lot. I couldn’t risk getting on set in Budapest and going, my leads aren’t getting along, they have no chemistry. So that’s why I chose the cast I chose. Jeff Daniel Phillips and Sheri Moon Zombie and Daniel Roebuck, they work together a lot and I knew they would just fall right into it.”

    The Munsters, as reported, will hit Netflix in September, and will also be available for purchase on Blu-ray, DVD and digital on September 27th. Pre-orders are available here.


    Meanwhile, Zombie kicked off his co-headlining US tour with Mudvayne on Wednesday night (July 20th). Tickets for the outing’s remaining dates are available via Ticketmaster.

    See Rob Zombie’s Facebook post and the latest Munsters trailer below.

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