A Timeline of Ezra Miller’s Legal Troubles

From assault arrests to grooming and cult-leading allegations

ezra miller legal troubles timeline
Ezra Miller, mugshots via Hawaii Police Department

    Ezra Miller has been in the news a lot lately, and it hasn’t been about The FlashThe embattled actor has been arrested three times this year alone on charges of disorderly conduct, assault, and felony burglary, and they’ve faced accusations of grooming underage children and running a cult. To quote one person on Twitter, “Every time I see the words ‘Ezra Miller’ I know it’s about to be followed by the strangest combination of crime and location.”

    Needless to say, it’s a lot to keep track of, which is why we’ve compiled a timeline of Miller’s mounting controversies.

    June 28th, 2011: Teenage Hijinks

    Miller’s first brush with the law was hardly as serious as their more recent incidents, but it’s worth noting that their legal troubles didn’t begin in 2022. Back in 2011, while filming The Perks of Being a Wallflower, an 18-year-old Miller was riding as a passenger in a car that police pulled over for a broken brake light. When police apprehended the vehicle, they caught Miller with weed. The actor was initially charged with drug possession, but it was later dropped by a judge in exchange for two citations of disorderly conduct totaling $600. Miller remained unapologetic about the incident, telling New York magazine, “I don’t feel like there’s any need to hide the fact that I smoke pot. It’s a harmless herbal substance that increases sensory appreciation.”


    ezra miller perks of being a wallflower

    Ezra Miller in The Perks of Being a Wallflower

    April 1st, 2020: Choking Incident

    Early in the pandemic, video leaked of Miller choking a woman outside the Prikið Kaffihús bar in Reykjavik, Iceland. In the clip, which seems to pick up mid-confrontation, a smiling woman approaches Miller and appears to start a play fight. Miller takes her motions seriously and says, “Oh, you you wanna fight? That’s what you wanna do?” before grabbing the woman by the neck, pushing her against a dumpster, and throwing her to the ground, at which point the video cuts out. At the time, Variety confirmed Miller’s identity with the bar, which said Miller frequented the location when they were in town.

    January 27th, 2022: Threatening the KKK

    Miller began their fateful year by posting a video to social media threatening a North Carolina faction of the Ku Klux Klan. “This is a message for the Beulaville chapter of the North Carolina Ku Klux Klan,” the actor says in the clip. “Umm, look. If ya’ll wanna die, I suggest just killing yourselves with your own guns. OK? Otherwise, keep doing exactly what you’re doing right now, and you know what I’m talking about, and then, you know, we’ll do it for you if that’s really what you want.” It’s unclear what prompted Miller’s threat to the hate group, and the actor has no known ties to the North Carolina city.

    March 28th, 2022: Hawaii Arrest #1

    Miller spent their spring in Hawaii, where, by all accounts, they were a menace to everyone around them. On March 28th, the actor was visiting a local karaoke bar when they grew agitated and began “yelling obscenities and at one point grabbed the microphone from a 23-year-old woman singing karaoke” (per the Hawaii Police Department). Later, Miller lunged at a 32-year-old man, and failed to calm down after being asked several times by the bar owner. Miller’s interactions with the two bar patrons earned them a disorderly conduct charge and a harassment charge, but they were released from custody after posting $500 bail. In police body cam footage of the arrest, Miller argues that they, in fact, were the victim of assault, claiming a self-identifying Nazi in the bar attacked them and explaining that they record themself being assaulted in order to make “NFT crypto art.”

    April 19th, 2022: Hawaii Arrest #2

    Shortly after the karaoke bar incident, Miller was arrested again in Hawaii for allegedly throwing a chair that struck a woman in the head. At around 1:00 in the morning on April 19th, law enforcement responded to a call at a private residence in Pāhoa, where Miller had become so irate after being asked to leave that they hurled a chair at a 26-year-old woman, leaving her with a half-inch gash on her forehead. Police located Miller on the street and arrested them for second-degree assault. They were released later that morning pending further investigation.

    ezra miller mugshot

    Ezra Miller’s mug shot, photo via Hawaii Police Department

    June 2022: Protective Orders

    In June, Miller was accused of acting inappropriately toward two different children. First, the parents of Tokata Iron Eyes, an 18-year-old environmental activist, sought a protective order against the actor, who they said began an inappropriate relationship with Iron Eyes when they were 12 years old. “Ezra uses violence, intimidation, threat of violence, fear, paranoia, delusions, and drugs to hold sway over a young adolescent Tokata,” Iron Eyes’ parents said. However, posts from an unverified Instagram account believed to be owned by Iron Eyes deny all claims of abuse.


    Soon after, a 12-year-old and their mother were granted an order of protection from Miller after describing an uncomfortable interaction with the actor during a party in Greenfield, Massachusetts. The mother and her then-11-year-old attended a party held by their downstairs neighbor, which Miller also attended. At the event, Miller began screaming in the mother’s face after accusing her of cultural appropriation and allegedly showed her a gun, saying, “Talking like that could get you into a really serious situation.” After that, Miller reportedly acted inappropriately toward the child by hugging them and touching their hips. “They automatically were just weirdly drawn to me and kept talking about how they love my outfit and love my style, and kept going on and on about how it was great,” the child said. “It was really uncomfortable. I was really nervous. I was scared to be around them after he’d yelled at my mother and she was crying.”

    tokata iron eyes

    Tokata Iron Eyes

    August 2022: Cult Leader Status

    In August, those closest to Miller spoke to Insider for a report that paints the actor as increasingly unstable — and apparently running a sort of cult. The report alleges that while Miller was in Iceland in 2020, they walked around town barefoot, sporting long, unclipped toenails and what may have been an infected gash on their foot. Miller rented an AirBnB in the Reykjavík suburb of Kópavogur that they ran as a “commune,” with beds laid out on the floor for artists, ex-pats, and young women. They led group meditations and claimed to possess supernatural powers, and also paid for food, lodging, and marijuana, but would become violent if they perceived any dissent within the group.

    These days, Miller runs another commune in Vermont, which has been described as having rampant drug use and unsecured guns. A woman and her three children are currently staying at the residence, and Miller encouraged the 12-year-old in Massachusetts to stay with them as well.

    The Insider report also describes Miller as increasingly paranoid. The actor believes they are being followed by the FBI and Ku Klux Klan, and now wears bulletproof body armor and carries at least one gun with them everywhere they go.



    Ezra Miller, photo by Gregg DeGuire/FilmMagic

    August 7th, 2022: Felony Burglary Arrest

    Miller was most recently arrested for felony burglary in Stamford, Vermont, stemming from a compliant filed back in May. According to Vermont State Police, the actor stole several bottles of alcohol from an at-the-time unoccupied residence. “As a result of an investigation that included surveillance videos and statements, probable cause was found to charge Ezra M. Miller with the offense of felony burglary into an unoccupied dwelling,” the police report read. Law enforcement officials issued Miller a citation to appear in Vermont Superior Court for arraignment on September 26th.

    ezra miller hawaii arrest 2

    Ezra Miller’s mug shot, photo via Hawaii Police Department

    September 18th, 2022: A Spiritual Journey Gone Haywire

    An in-depth Vanity Fair report detailed Miller’s mental health crises and erratic behavior over the years, including accounts by over a dozen close sources who said their relationships with Miller were “nonconsensual emotional BDSM relationships.” According to the article, Miller hired a North Dakota medicine man named Jasper Young Bear as a spiritual adviser to accompany them on their 2020 Iceland trip; Young Bear reportedly told the actor they were “the next Messiah.” Allegedly, Miller would go so far as to “[claim] that the Flash is the one who brings the multiverses together just like Jesus.”

    October 17th, 2022: Pleading Not Guilty for Burglary

    Miller pleaded not guilty to felony burglary charges stemming from the August arrest for stealing three bottles of alcohol: vodka, gin, and rum. If convicted, they could face up to 26 years in prison and up to $2,000 in fines. As a condition of their release, Miller agreed to avoid contact with their neighbor Isaac Winokur.

    January 12th, 2023: Plea Deal in Burglary Case

    Miller reached a plea agreement with prosecutors in the Vermont burglary case. They are set to plead guilty to lesser charges of trespassing while avoiding the more serious counts of felony burglary and petit larceny. Miller will face 89 to 90 days in a suspended sentence, as well as a year’s probation and a $500 fine.