Frankie Cosmos Announce New Album Inner World Peace, Share “One Year Stand”: Stream

The album arrives October 21st

Frankie Cosmos Inner World Peace One Year Stand album 2022
Frankie Cosmos, photo by Pooneh Ghana

    Frankie Cosmos have graced us with news of their new album, Inner World Peace, arriving on October 21st via Sub Pop Records. The announcement comes along with the set’s first single, “One Year Stand.”

    The album’s development followed a “pandemic hiatus” that lasted nearly 500 days for the quartet. In the interim, bandleader Greta Kline wrote 100 songs, which upon reuniting, the group retooled and infused with their own influences that ranged from “70s folk and pop” to “ambient” and “psych.” Inner World Peace was co-produced by Frankie Cosmos with Nate Mendelsohn and Katie Von Schleicher, who also handled mixing. Check out the tracklist and album artwork, featuring illustrations from the band’s keyboardist Lauren Martin, below.

    “To me, the album is about perception,” Kline shared in a statement. “It’s about the question of ‘Who am I?’ and whether or not the answer matters. It’s about quantum time, the possibilities of invisible worlds. The album is about finding myself floating in a new context. A teenager again, living with my parents. An adult, choosing to live with my family in an act of love. Time propelled us forward, aged us, and also froze. If you don’t leave the house, who are you to the world? Can you take the person you discover there out with you?”


    The dreamy first single “One Year Stand” touches on the intangibility of time and embracing the present with bittersweet softness as Kline asks, “Do you miss that reckless life?/ Maybe I’m asking myself/ It is only fair.” The accompanying music video, directed by Eliza Lu Doyle, features Kline and bandmate Alex Bailey in what Doyle describes as “a cross between a diorama and an empty arena stage” to simulate “an act of faith — a reach toward an absent audience. We wanted to channel the pleasure of half-performing for that imaginary gaze.”

    Kline added, “It feels like an encapsulation of the record in that it’s strange and vast while also being contained and interior. Clowning and playing are a huge part of collaborating for me and Eliza. We wanted to perform a dance without dancing — the kind of movements you fall into in private, banal moments, playing without even realizing. Choreographing together felt like we were in 6th grade again, all id and giggles. The album and the video were made in these environments of love and pleasure.” Watch the music video for “One Year Stand” below.

    Inner World Peace stands as Frankie Cosmos’ fifth LP behind their two successive 2019 projects, Haunted Items and Close It Quietly. Pre-orders are ongoing.


    Inner World Peace Artwork:

    Frankie Cosmos Inner World Peace One Year Stand album 2022 tour tickets cover artwork

    Inner World Peace Tracklist:
    01. Abigail
    02. Aftershook
    03. Fruit Stand
    04. Magnetic Personality
    05. Wayne
    06. Sky Magnet
    07. A Work Call
    08. Empty Head
    09. Fragments
    10. Prolonging Babyhood
    11. One Year Stand
    12. F.O.O.F.
    13. Street View
    14. Spare the Guitar
    15. Heed the Call

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