Maude Latour Shares Origins of Dreamy New Video “Probabilities:” Exclusive

Amid a busy 2022, the singer-songwriter reflects on the making of her new music video

Maude Latour Probabilities
Maude Latour, photo by Anna Koblish

    Origins is a recurring new music series giving artists the opportunity to share exclusive insights into their latest release. Today, Maude Latour breaks down the music video for her new single, “Probabilities.”

    Maude Latour is enchanted by possibility.

    With her new release, “Probabilities,” the singer-songwriter digs through the ideas around chance, falling in love, and how paths crossing at unexpected moments can yield equally unexpected results. Latour — who recently toured with our August Artist of the Month, Raffaella, and is fresh off an appearance at Lollapalooza — has now shared the accompanying music video for her latest single.

    “The song came together really seamlessly,” she tells Consequence of writing “Probabilities,” sharing that the whole song was written while on a flight to Los Angeles. “I hummed it into my voice memos and as soon as i got to the studio we made it. The title, ‘Probabilities,’ had been in my head for over a year.”


    Always a storyteller, Latour is also a student of the world, always open to learning and pulling inspiration from all corners of life. When it comes to the concept of fate, though, there was something deeper she was ready to explore with this song and video. “The random chance of meeting someone, where we are, what is happening in our lives — that source of chance is torturous to think about, but also beautiful,” she says.

    Next, look out for a new EP from Latour this fall. You can also catch her on the road starting in September; tickets are available via Ticketmaster.

    Meanwhile, watch the dreamy new music video and check out Latour’s Origins breakdown below.

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