Selena Quintanilla Estate Announces Posthumous Compilation Moonchild Mixes

Songs she recorded as a teenager have been altered to make her sound older

selena quintanilla posthumous album moonchild mixes complation tejano latin pop music news preorder artwork tracklist
Selena, photo courtesy of the Selena Quintanilla estate

    It’s been said that some people will do anything for Selenas, and evidently, “anything” includes digitally altering the late singer’s vocals. The Selena Quintanilla estate has announced Moonchild Mixes, a forthcoming posthumous collection of songs Selena recorded as a teenager that have been edited to make her sound like an adult. Before the album’s release on August 26th via Warner Music Latina, you can hear a peek of what’s to come with a new version of “Como Te Quiero Yo a Ti” today.

    “Como Te Quiero Yo a Ti” — which translates to “how you love me” — first appeared on Preciosa, Selena’s 1988 album with Los Dinos, meaning it was originally recorded when Selena was about 16 years old. Moonchild Mixes spans 13 tracks total, 10 of which being previously-unheard recordings she made when she was as young as 13. Pre-orders of the album are ongoing.

    While altering the vocals was no easy task, they were in good hands, with the majority of the editing done by Selena’s own brother and former bandmate A.B. Quintanilla: “It took me a year,” he said in a new interview with Good Morning America. “Everything was recorded on vinyl, so we had to kind of infuse the old school ways with the new school ways. [We] cleaned Selena’s vocals, put them on timing, and then we also pitched her vocal down just a hair to make her sound a little bit more mature.”


    “It truly feels like she went into the studio again and recorded it,” Quintanilla’s sister Suzette added. “Everything we do, we do it with love and care…The younger generation [is] discovering her, and they’re searching her, and they want to know more about her, and so that’s why we felt it was really important to breathe new life into this old music and have it created for the newer generation.”

    Listen to the new version of “Como Te Quiero Yo a Ti” below, and then keep scrolling to see the album artwork and full tracklist for Moonchild Mixes.

    Selena was 23 years old when she was shot and killed by her fan club president Yolanda Saldívar in 1995. Since her tragic death, the Queen of Tejano Music has been immortalized with the 1997 biopic Selena starring a then-unknown Jennifer Lopez, as well as with the 2020 Netflix show Selena: The Series starring Christian Serratos.


    Moonchild Mixes Artwork:

    selena quintanilla posthumous album moonchild mixes complation tejano latin pop music news preorder artwork tracklist

    Moonchild Mixes Tracklist:
    01. Como Te Quiero Yo a Ti (Regional Mexican Version)
    02. Dame Tu Amor (Regional Mexican Version)
    03. No Llores Más
    04. Cariño Mío
    05. Salta La Ranita
    06. Corazoncito (Regional Mexican Version)
    07. Dame Tu Amor (Cumbia Version)
    08. Enamorada De Ti
    09. Pensando En Ti
    10. Como Te Quiero Yo a Ti (Pop Version)
    11. Sabes
    12. Soy Amiga
    13. Como Te Quiero Yo a Ti (Cumbia Version)

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